Hypocrites Polishing god’s Rod at the Alter of I will service thee, IF you Grant My Plea!

Hypocrites polishing god’s Rod at the Alter of I will service thee, IF you Grant My Plea-
A financial transaction, just a barter of services rendered for favors paid, amount to be-

Whatever the latest passion the clueless sheep might in their wandering encounter-
Oh I will service thee such if you allow me in passion to mount her-

Those Teats, that Ass, it’s going to waste on that worthless husband she’s got-
Why you cannot approve of him lord, he is a hopeless drunk, A Sot-

On the left hand of the Alter, Sister I Am More Virtuous Than you-
Is offering her oral service to god for a night in the sack with Big Lou-

Those looks she steals of him on the other side of the alter makes her feel like a little girl-
Oh lord just make it happen, make him WANT ME, MAKE him GIVE ME a WHIRL-

Big Lou is at the alter offering oral services, he’s bargaining for a Crop Failure if god might –
of the seeds he sowed in his secretary at work late on Saturday Night-

When he told his long suffering wife tongue in smirking cheek-
He was going over the same important figures for the third time that week-

The young teenage boy with the ring in his rather pointed nose-
Is offering rod polishing for Rock Musician Stardom, and where that goes-

The blubber pile in a tent endangering the floor when she knells with a frown-
Offers oral service for movie star looks, without having to put her fork down-

The offers made god for Rod Polishing at the Alter of GIVE ME, I Want IT-
Bounce easily off God’s Sun Bright Shield into Hel’s sorrowful yearning Pit-

Where the lust, greed, selfishness and anger mix up in a multi flavored regurgitated hurl-
Which feeds the evil imps in that dark place of horror, Hel’s Underworld!

The Ole Dog!