The Coming Collapse of the House of Windsor and the Clash of ‘Two Christianities’

Lady Di said “they were a bunch of evil lizards”.

The fact of the matter is, both King Edward the third, and Richard the third, were bastards, their fathers not princess, but commoners.

Thus, any claim the current lizard queen may have on the ridicules monarchy of that tiny little shit hole island, is bogus and bull shit.

Thats why the fake queen married her hatchling, the pedophile No Chin charle, to Lady Di, as in her veins ran the blood of the rightful heirs to the throne, if folks just insist on having a dark ages tradition in the 21st century.

Course, Harry is not No Chin’s son.
No Chin charlie was too busy chasing little boys down with his pedophile and having sex with dead folks pal, Jimmy, so Lady Di found her someone wanted a grown women, not little boys.

They used Di for breeding purposes, then murdered her when she stood up to them.

Time for this evil tradition to fall.

The Ole Dog!

The last months have seen the most remarkable fissures breaking in the foundation of the House of Windsor whose austere image of duty and Christian morality have entirely broken down under a firestorm of scandals showcasing the culture of crime and degeneracy prevalent across the upper ranks of the empire. Scandal for royals by itself is nothing astounding. Hell, an entire tabloid industry has been built around it. What is exceptional is the amount of morally repugnant scandal breaking all at once and the systemic shock effect it has had on the institutions of the monarchy.

Earlier last year an international pedophilia ring patronized by royalty with tentacles across the elite of the western world came to light in extreme detail with the effect that Royal Prince Andrew has found himself “fired” from all positions of authority in order to live in a state of early retirement. To the horror of the royals, Andrew’s connection to Epstein has renewed interest in the earlier Jimmy Saville scandal which blew up after the TV show host’s death in 2011. At that moment hundreds pedophilia (and necrophilia) cases spanning decades was made public. The fact that Saville was a lifelong friend of both Princes Charles and Andrew alike was even more detrimental a fact than the Epstein connection.

For thinking people, these scandals have awakened a renewed interest in the truth of another crime arranged by the royal family over 20 years ago: The assassination of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997. The best exposition of the truth of this murder was presented in the 2011 documentary Unlawful Killing directed by Keith Allan and funded by Mohammed al Fayed (father of Dodi al Fayed). If you have not yet watched this film, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Seriously… do it.


The Coming Collapse of the House of Windsor and the Clash of ‘Two Christianities’