Mossad Honey Trap “Jeffrey And I Had Everyone On Videotape” Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Told Friend

The acquaintance, socialite and distant relative to the royals Christina Oxenberg, said that Maxwell also told her that Epstein bought a private helicopter because commercial pilots were “eyes and ears” he did not need. She revealed she had spoken to the FBI about what she had been told. Ms Oxenberg, 57, first met Maxwell in […]

Will the Real “honest abe” Lincoln Please Step Forward!

The queer shyster atheist , (who in his hypocrisy and dishonesty used fanatical puritan cult religion rhetoric to get the USA soldier to gang rape and murder all those Southern Children, and their mothers, African American and European American alike), manic depressive with Marfan’s syndrome, Rail road lawyer Lincoln despised African Americans, wanted to ship […]

The last boat maker in Gaza

Abdullah al-Najjar is the last boat maker in Gaza. Fully aware that he plies a vanishing trade, Abdullah, 61, is nonetheless trying to keep it alive in a time-honored way. He is training his son Jamil, 25, so that his skills can be handed on to the next generation. Abdullah himself began learning how to […]

The ‘Deal of the Century’ endorses Zionist ethno-religious claims

President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” released last month was not about so much a peace plan as it was a presidential executive order that confers legitimacy and acceptance to the core founding tenets and claims of Zionism. Indeed, the deal represents the wish list for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and settler-colonial forces […]


When asked co comment Nitwityahoo, head pedoist terrorist of Israhell, Occupied Palestine had this to say: When the trickster trumpster was asked where his loyalties lay, the New York yankee had this to say: When the BadBushes were asked their opinion they had this to say: When Vince Foster was asked his opinion, he had […]

Government Has No Rights!

The government and the state are synonymous terms to be sure, and both create and perpetuate evil by claiming to hold power that does not exist. Government has no rights whatsoever, but claims power over others as if it had the right to do so. Only the individual has rights, and therefore all government is […]