Thor’s Hammer was a Sign of Resistance, the Middle Finger if you will, to the Little Boy Raping Roman “priest”, telling the Vikings they had to Serve the Child Rapers “god”!

Viking Mold with period Thor’s hammer pendant

If you try to equate Thors hammer, with the cross, you are missing the point of what wearing a Thor’s hammer pendant was about, what it meant to them, what it signified to others

First, I am a history connoisseur, a lover of history.

My study has been wide, both in cultures and times in history.

Therefore, I am not an “expert” in Viking history, but I have read and watched those who spent their lives studying Viking history.

I identify as an American viking.

My direct male ancestor, came to the field of Hastings with his cousin Willian the Conquerer, who is a direct ancestor also, along with Ragnar, Rollo The Walker,, after the battle Willian gave Baldwin Ancestral Lands in Cumberland, which were held until the first born line petered out in 1707.

Many more Viking lines.

Even after the time shacking up in France and the Isles for eight hundred years or so, my line still contains a large chunk of Scandinavian DNA.

So, I am interested in the Viking history.
As one who understands reincarnation, I know during that time, it was my history.

So here is what I have gathered my reading others excavations and writing on the subject of Viking history.

Which has backed up things I “knew”, in my soul to be true, before I found the research to back up my beliefs.

If you get in touch with the inner you, the soul which is operating this two legged animal, seek knowledge, understanding and wisdom, earnestly, it will be given to you.

Once you have awakened to what you really are, not this meat sandwich, the latest in a line of lives and meat sandwiches,you can trace your path through kn own history.

If you are an Alfa, you will have left some historical records.
You. will be drawn to certain figures in history, when you read of them, you will recognize yourself as an improved, (Unless one is a scum bag I suppose), more enlightened model of the historical figure.

“Historians, will use many of the same words to describe you in each life.

I would like a one on one, swords and shields, with many of those “historians”.

I say this as a warrior of the Light, struggling towards full illumination myself.
No finger wagging, holier than thou meant, implied or otherwise.

I have been know to admit to folks around me, when i see some poor soul has wasted their life, on the street, drinking themselves slowly to death, “But for the grace of God, there go i”.

Even if there is no historical record of you, it is still possible to know where you lived, fought, by your interest in certain areas/people at that time in history.

Genealogical charts are a big help.

So here goes.

The Vikings, were a people, around the Scandinavian world, who farmed, fought between themselves, had craftsmen, trading, travelers, imported goods, who minded their own business, pretty much left Europe alone, until the little boy raping priest of the “Church of Rome”, started messing with them.

These little boy rapers, started “sending missionaries”, to “save” the “poor” Vikings, from their “heathen” ways!

I am sure this had nothing to do with the Viking people not paying Tribute to Rome, Church of, and not allowing the pedophile priest to rape their little boys up the keister.

These Pedoist self righteous rude, unasked for’s opinion, not welcomed “visitors” started telling the Vikings, their gods were not real, the Vikings had to serve the pedophile priest “god”!

Oh yes, and share the toiling of your hands and sweat of Viking brows, with Rome, Church of!

Pedophile Roman priest:
Your gods are not real!
You must serve my “god”!

Course my gods are real.

Pedoist R P:
Can you see them, can you touch them, have you ever personally met one of them?

In the flesh, that I know of, no.

You must Serve MY “GOD”!!

Can you see your god?
Can you touch him?
Have you ever personally met him?

But thats different!


Because your gods are not real, but MY “GOD” is!

Shaking head sorrowfully:

Most “historians” will go on and on, about no one has a clue why the Vikings spilled out around 0700 AD onward, raiding, fighting.

Well yes the real historians do know why, it is just not politically correct to tell the truthful reason why.


Pissed em off!!

If you notice, the very favorite thing for Vikings to raid, were Roman Catholic monasteries, churches and such.

Here is where Thors hammer comes in.
Viking “gods” were not the same as one indoctrinated with Roman bullshit, thinks of as “God”.

Vikings recognized their gods had faults, screwed up, made mistakes.
They were looked at as Viking heros, one to look up to, try to be like.

There was no concept of going to “hell” if you did not do everything just bas you were told, or “serving” just one “god”.

There were few “temples”.
Viking Spirituality, was a private thing, a walk, a talk with the gods in the peace of a forrest, or watching the waves roll on to a beach.

There was no means of collecting funds for the church, because each person was their own temple.
Nature was the setting.

It was found, where there was a point in time, a town, village where the pedophile priest caught up with the Vikings, trying to shove their cross up the Vikings ass, the Vikings started wearing Thor’s hammer as a sign of resistance, a middle finger in the face of the Roman child raping rude priest!

It was not so much a religious symbol, as one of open defiance!

So, at this point in time, if you are an American, tired of Uncle Sugar in DC, trying to shove his Pedophilic dick up your ass, get yourself a Thor’s hammer pendant!

I will make you a “Honorary” Viking!

The Ole Dog!