Who’s Going To Clean Up humanities Mess, After Their Self Imposed Extinction?

USA Burns Children To. Death In Their Church, Waco, Occupied Republic Of Texas, Because Their Parents were ALLEGED to Have “Illegal” Weapons.
“We must Kill The Children, To Save The Children”

The head Pedophile Rat gloating of the Holocaust of the Semitic Palestinian people in the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land, at the hands of the Invading Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongrel Khazarian evil

Libya after the Ratschilds Bitches “liberated” the Libyan people.
But on the bright side, they now have a pedophilic Usury Ratschild “bank”.

Palestinians being Holocausted in their own Land, by invasive Non Semitic Red Russian Khazarians

One day soon after the last two legged “human” animal had fed the vultures, Odin and Thor took a tour of the Earth to assess the damages.

Those sorry pig fuckers sure left a hell of a mess!

Who is going to clean up this mess before the replacement species arrives?

Mother Nature.
She always cleans the Earth when a failed species has become extinct.

Those rapers of their young and betrayers of their advocates, sure made a toxic shit hole of the Earth, you sure Mother Nature can get it done before the new improved replacement species arrives?

Oh sure!
She always does!
Quite a gal that Mother Nature.

Oh well, guess that means we are off duty untill the new bunch arrives.
If you need me, I will be in Valhalla chasing the serving girls around the tables in the chow hall.

Leave that little brunette with the mischievous smile alone.
She’s mine!
You recall what happened to your ass last time i caught you trying to sneak around with my favorite girlfriend!
Feel like getting banished to the Earth again

There is NO gal worth that punishment!

I see you are learning.

Don’t Mother Nature get tired of cleaning up behind failed species?

Thats what jackals, worms and vultures are for, to do the real dirty work.
She just covers it all up with a new layer of land and soil when her helpers are through!

Say, until the replacements arrive, how about you and me go hunting Frost Outlanders for sport?

Loki’s ass is mine!


The Ole Dog!