Is Kissing Ass Something You Learned from A College Course, Or Is It A Natural Ability?

The above is a question o posed to a first class admin type petty office. who had on his salad bar, the Navy/Marine Corp Achievement metal, with five gold stars if I remember right.

Lets just say, I spent over 15 years in the Navy SeaBees, did time in some real shit holes, stateside and overseas.
Did my war.
When I stopped running around the world making it safe for pedophilic usury cowardly mass murdering thieves, I had one NAM.

And I was the Seabee the chiefs turn to when they wanted to tell someone to get some really difficult and hard shit done, without giving a thought to the possibility it might not get done.

course, I was also that SeaBee, who got sent way out in the field to do something, when big brass came visiting the command.

The one I got, was for breaking all the rules when it mattered.
For appropriating without authorization a Pig, (Thats an M-60 general purpose crew served belt fed 7.672x51MM, (.308 Winchester) machine gun for you non military types), along with it’s crew, from a dumbed ass led heavy weapons squad bordering the hill my rifle squad was holding, and had it used to take out a group of “bad guys”, trying to cut through ALFA Companie’s razor wire entanglements, about 0300 hours on a long sleepless night.

Course, the citation don’t read like that because you simply can not being truthful, give a SeaBee a medal for breaking all the rules!

If I remember right, in the citation I ended up commanding the weapons squad on the next hill, cause then the pig was under my authorized command!

Militaries, governments, priest, historians, and used car salesmen, never allow the truth to interfere with their work.

So, as you can see, as hard as it was for me to get one NAM, without ever chewing anyones rope, or caressing someones ass with my lips, it was a legitimate question I asked the admin monkey.

I could have had many more NAMs if I had done what the suck asses did, write up my own NAM paper work and turn it into the command.

Never had no use for a command, which gives it’s officers and very senior NCOs medals for what the troops did.

Specially for times when they had nothing to do with making the decision to do the thing they gave themselves a medal for.

Like on that lonely night when if things had gone wrong instead of right, the same ones gave me a medal, would have been the lawn mower, and my ass would have been the grass.

When the admin winnie answered my above question to him, he beamed with a big shit eating grin and replied, “It is a God Given Talent!”.

So one might begin to see why the US military is hollow shell which could not fight their way out of a Bangkok Cat house on Saturday night pantie raid.

USA, murdered General George Patton because he would not sell out America to Red Russian communism, as the No Combat Collaborating Coward treasonous Ike did.

USA/DC with help from Russia murdered the Last American General, and made the cowardly No Combat Collaborating Coward, Red Russian Bolshevik loving, German civilian exterminating in Open Air Wintertime Reine Meadow Death Camps Ike, “president”.


The Ole Dog!