Disclaimer- Or Why I Stick My Ass Into The Cannon’s Mouth

Don’t want to own the Earth and all in it.
Then one is responsible for the welfare of the Earth and all in it.
I’d rather pick my guitar and watch the chickens peck.

Don’t want want to be filthy rich.
Can not take stuff with you when you die.
When you are rich, your friends are “money friends”
Either your friend for the “prestige” they get from hanging with rich folks, or they want some of your money.

Don’t want to see how many bimbos i can bed.
Got a wife and sometimes one female is way too much to put up with.
When I was a young buck, i was know to have two or three girlfriends I was juggling, and it was very nerve wracking.

In my spiritual growth, i stoped looking at their teats and ass, and started looking in their eyes\.
What i saw there, was not attractive, no matter the meat sandwich wrapped around what i saw inside.
Plus, growing older, I have observed that the vast majority of women, get fat and let themselves go, do not try to take care of themselves so that they remain attractive for or to their mate.
It is like a women. i heard say one time, women starve themselves for 18 years to get a man, we get married, we EAT!

Now you “men”, the same has been in your cases from my observation.
It is just seeing husbands pig out, slop out, was a casual observation, while the interest in what women looked like, is near and dear to the Ole Dog’s heart!

Never claimed to be no saint, just said the Ole Dog, was no sheep!

Have found the majority of dogs are more friendly, more loving, more grateful to those who love and care for them, than most women.

Again, not real impressed with most “men”.
Again, men and love just ain’t my thing.
But I got more experience in my brash youth with the “fairer sex”, than wisdom and age tell me was wise.
Personal experience and a couple of ex wives in that equation so to speak.

Don’t give a shit about fame, it is fleeting.
As i have no respect for most of the two legged animals walking the earth at the moment. why the hell would i care what sheep i shake my head at their cowardliness, and ignorance, think about me?

Don’t want to be the block captain, mayor, governor, president, or general.
When you are in charge, one is constantly trying to pull a solution out their ass for all the shit the sheep can screw up faster than you can fix it.
When in charge, one is expected to save the sheep from themselves while they are cussing you for trying to save them.

Every intelligent being I have talked to, thinks Humanity, as a species, is not going to make it.
They no longer want to engage in the fight for humanity, because the sheep fight those trying to show the sheep how to save themselves.
Sheep don’t want to save themselves, they want someone else to do the hard, dirty, bloody work of saving their asses from themselves, their evil shit and collaboration. with evil.
They thought Jesus the Christ was going to kick the Romans ass all by himself, set them up in a kingdom where they were top dog, did not have to toil, strive, exert personal efforts, put their own ass on the line.
When they found out he just wanted them to stop being evil, and to help kick the Romans out, not do it all by himself, they turned on him and helped the Romans murder Jesus the Christ.

There were many species, before the current two legged animals, and there will be untold species after the extinction of the current two legged animals.

The war, of the Light against the Dark, Good against evil, predates humanity, by eons.
That war will still be fought, when humanity is just a foot note of history, just one more extinct failed species.

I am a Warrior for the Light.
Not perfect.
Cuss like a sailor.
Have a hair triggered temper.
Can squash the evil, with the same emotion used to take out a gnat that buzzed my ear once too often.
For countless lives, i have watched the sorrow, grief, pain,. torture inflicted on others by the evil ones.

For countless lives, in defense of humanity, I have said, lets go get em boys!
And they have done so!
Again and again!
And it has solved nothing, because humanity refuses to take control, blame for their own action, and grow spiritually.

Have lost most of my patience for the two legged sheep.
At this point, am tired of fighting the sheep to try to save the sheep, from the sheep.
Sheep make themselves extinct, i will remain fighting the Evil, as I was before the current two legged animals were taken out of the creation oven.

Want to be a failed extinct species, go right ahead.
Do it on. your own, not interested in taking shit from sheep for trying to help them any longer.
Like that girlfriend one had, which was self destructive, one tried everything to save her from herself, but in the end, to save oneself from being dragged down with her, one had to let go, step back and say, ok, you want to wallow in evil them die to face that evil you did, be my guest.
I have more pressing things to attend to.

I fight on against the evil, because that is who and what I am.
Humanity is just a species came along while the fight was ongoing, some of us thought had potential to become advanced spiritual beings.
We were wrong!

So humanity, party On, your bill for the party is being prepared.
If you want to survive now, that is up to you, cause you are going to have to do the hard, painful, sorrowful dirty work to save your own asses and species.

The ones fought for you many-many lives, have given up in disgust.

It is called tough love, just as one of your children, who is just a ever-loving screw up.
Always doing bad stupid shit.
You worry about them, you try to make sure they don’t kill themselves through stupidity, self destructive behavior.
Then the day comes, when there is just no more energy, or desire to continue this.
One turns to their child, stays, sink or swim.
I am through!
If they survive, get their shit together, then you will be happy for them.
If they damn well continue in their Micky mouse evil, till it kills them, you are sorrowful, but a relief, it is finally over, it is done.

Whats it going to be humanity, cause the ones been changing your stinking dirty diapers and baby powering you asses for more lives than they care to remember, are tired of changing your diapers,
Learn to go shit in the toilet, after pulling your own pants down, or walk around with shit in your ass, till you die.

Up to you!

Just be considerate enough to stand down wind while you go extinct!

Carry on!

The Ole Dog!