The Gaping Fallacy Of The World Wide Khazarian Mafia’s ” (“Jews”) “God Gave It To US!!!!!!!

First off, the “people”, who are trying to assume the now defunct Hebrews identity and the Late Period, (and only the late period Hebrew’s cult religion), are Red Russian non Semitic Turkmen Mongrel Khazarians.

There are accepted historical documents which which prove this.
Proves the Khazarians, who had a kingdom/empire, in the Steppes of Russia, converted to the pedophile practicing, Usury & slavery of others glorifying, rape approving, mass murder approving, war mongering angry demon war god End of Times Death Cult religion, in the Steppes of Russia in the year 0740.

Don’t argue with me, read the book.

There are also now modern DNA test which prove the Khazarians, which are the vast majority of the members, believers, extended family members, believers or not, which make up the cult religion known as the “judaic” religion, are not descended from the Ancient Hebrews.

The closest living relatives to the Hebrews, are the Yemen people. with about 10 percent ancient Hebrew Genome.

Ya know, the real Hebrews the Fake Khazarian “hebrews”, are helping the Saudi “royal” Crypto Khazarians Holocaust, the Yemen people!

This means, this Yahooway, the angry pedophilic, slavery promoting, mass murder promoting, bashing babies brains out against rocks ordering, “god”, never met the Khazarians, and the Khazarians never met this “god”.

I have no doubt, this Yahooway character was a real being who was present on this earth at one time, and cut a deal for certain peoples to be his slaves, and if they were, he would reward them with plunder and protection.

But this dude was long gone before the Hebrews turned to this cult, and it stands to reason, the Hebrews borrowed this “history’ from another people as much of their “history” proves to be borrowed from other earlier sources.

But lets just pretend for a moment, for intellectual purposes, the Khazarians are the real McCoy.

1. Common sense tells one, one can not get ones butt kicked out of a house/country, couple thousand years back, and just because no one wants their decedents around, cause they keep stealing everything, lying, raping/murdering the Host children, they should be able to go back to where their ancestors owned a house/country and slaughter everyone, just steal it from the present owners.

It is not moral, or legal, to go back two thousand years later, mass murder everyone on the Land owns it now, rape their children, steal their stuff, and claim this angry pedophilic war god, “gave” it to them!

2. If one has no rudder of wrong and right, the foregoing senecio may not seem an obstacle to them.
Thus, #2 is the Land was to be divided by Tribes!

Whoops!, These Khazarians, even if they were hebrews, have no idea which “tribe\” they belong to, thus can not claim a share of the Land.

3. The ones who were to pass out the Land, decide which tribe got what, was another tribe, the Levites, the Priest class.

The Khazarians have Rabbis, not Priest, as this cult is not the same religion, the Ancient Hebrews practiced at the times of Kings David and Solomon.

So two strikes, first nobody would know what tribe they were from to receive the Land, and the Priest Class, don’t know they are the Levites, so they can not decide which tribe gets what.

3. The Covenant!
A covenant is a contract.
All parties must adhere to all categories, each line, all sub categories of the contract.
Only with approval by both parties, or all parties as the case may be, can the contract be altered after the fact.

Yahooway told the Hebrews, he would be their “god”, as long as they obeyed the contract, which the Hebrews wiped their butts on repeatably.

Just to top things off, no one has seen this yahooway dude in thousands of years.
He seems to have gone “Walkabout”.
So, no way to change the contract.

Now, seeing as the contract can not be changed because Yahooway is missing in action, and the contract is rendered Null and Void by the Hebrews continual violation of the terms, the contract is a piece of ancient history, only of historical interest, which might be borrowed history anyway on the part of the original Hebrews, not just the Fake “hebrews”.

Strike Three!!!

Back to the Khazarians are proved to not be Hebrews!

Game Over!

This means the Red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarians, mass murdering the semitic Indigenous Palestinian souls in the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s own ancestral Home Land, Occupied Palestine, are just some real evil child raping/murdering, thieving, lying, Usury practicing, holocausting, Genociding, perverted, low life war criminals, scum sucking mother hunching sons of whore Khazarian street mutt bitches, as well as the evil whored out insane zionist Zombie Virus infected bitches themselves.

Khazarian definition of Racism against Khazarians.

Telling the truth about their lies and perverted evil behaviors.

The kicked Khazareain street mutt, is the one which howls!

The Ole Dog.