The Ratschilds, (Israhell is their Crime Cabal), Use American Children as DC Sexual Party Favors, Cannon Fodder In Wars For Israhell, and As Usury Debt Slaves

The Ratschilds, Red Shield, Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Mongrel Khazarin Mafia, murdered Americans on the USS Liberty while trying to sink it, blame it on Arabs so USA would take Egypt out for them. Ship did not sink, plan did not work. USA/DC Corporation covered up the crime from Americans. The RothsRats, (Israhell), attacked […]

Sodom & Gomorrah On The Pacos And The Pacified, Khazarianized Fiminized texans

I heard on a local newscast, some Israhell firster political cum sucking whore in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Pacos, has introduced a “bill” in the yankee occupation “government”, (corporation), to force the “holocaust to be taught in all Texas Occupied Government Indoctrination centers, otherwise know as Public Schools, in all of Occupied Texas. ‘Sodom […]

Was the US Constitution Radical?

It was a bloodless coup d’état against an unresisting Confederation Congress. The original structure of the new Constitution was now complete. The Federalists, by use of propaganda, chicanery, fraud, malapportionment of delegates, blackmail, threats of secession, and even coercive laws, had managed to sustain enough delegates to defy the wishes of the majority of the […]

Thor’s Hammer was a Sign of Resistance, the Middle Finger if you will, to the Little Boy Raping Roman “priest”, telling the Vikings they had to Serve the Child Rapers “god”!

If you try to equate Thors hammer, with the cross, you are missing the point of what wearing a Thor’s hammer pendant was about, what it meant to them, what it signified to others First, I am a history connoisseur, a lover of history. My study has been wide, both in cultures and times in […]