The Ole Fake “queen and her Pedophile son murdered my Cousin Lady DI, when are the murderers going to be HANGED?

Lady Di called em big Lizards I think.

They are commoner lizards, their claim to fame running through a commoner archer, the Princes slut wife used for a dildo while the prince was away.

Edward the 4th, was a bastard of non Royal linage on his fathers side, so all monarchs in England after him, were and are fakes!
So was Richard the 3ed a bastard not of the right or claimed linage.
He was a bastard also.
There are historic records to back up Edward the 4th being a bastard, and DNA evidence to prove Richard the 3ed was a bastard.

So you see, the queen ain’t not queen, and her child raping son is no prince.

To include the common lizard and the Pedophile son she hatched, no chin Charle, who wears a kilt because children can hear zippers.

Lady Did was of the right bloodline, and she was a Royal, unlike the fake common lizards which murdered her, and are squatting at Buckingham palace on Public Assistance!

It comes to me, one of my long dead Kings of England ancestors whispered in my ear, a curse has been placed on the Isles, pestilence, shaking, storms, that kind of thing, and will remain in place until these two swing in space.

And you folks in England, better lock up your children until they do!

John C Carleton
The Ole Dog!