Why God Allowed The Baby Gang Raping, Thieving, Murdering, Lying War Criminal Degenerate Evil yankee To Win That yankee War Crime The yankee Lies And Calls A “Civil” War

I assure you, where this world is headed, is mapped and planned. God don’t need no yankee advice on how to run the world. Which brings up a question men have, who were real Confederate Soldiers. Why did god allow the godless yankee to win and subjugate the Southern people, teaching their evil to our […]

GOP Reps return from AIPAC trip attacking BDS and implying that annexation might be the answer

I see Mossad was successful in getting those honey trap pedophile blackmail videos. John C Carleton ———————— In a September 10th speech, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he would annex a third of the West Bank if reelected. Netanyahu’s declaration comes just a month after dozens of congress members (Republicans and Democrats) traveled […]

Socialism Is Destroying America

Leave it to the left-wing (i.e., statist liberals) to point out, indirectly, that the right-wing (conservatives and Republicans) are as devoted to socialism as leftists are. The point is well made in an article by Tim Butterworth, a former Democratic Party legislator in New Hampshire. The title of the article pretty much says it all: […]


Capter 2; Page 27. Discussing the robbery, the rape, the murder of Southern Civilians because their Country, Missouri, refused to send troops to invade other Southern countries, (States) which had lawfully seceded, Lincoln invaded in a war crime, violating the constitution, sent USA troops, to burn, rape, rob, throw the elected officials in prison without […]

To Die in Chicago

A review of To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas (Pelican, 1999) by George Levy The dead are buried somewhere in Chicago and there are over 4,000 of them—that much we know. Treatment was just as harsh in most other Northern prison camps – worse in Elmira. But at least they keep better […]