My Claim To The Whole Damn World!

Think I will start my own religion.

in ancient times, the God, Sun, sent life to the Earth.
The Sun God in due time, having compassion on the human animals, sent his son, the son of the Sun, which gave the son life, to show humanity how to evolve out from under rocks and out of caves.
His father, the Sun, gave the son, dominion over all the earth, and humanity, all animals which swam, crawled, flew or walked!

The son and sons of the son, who had sons who had sons, until foretold in that far off land of the Republic of Texas, the grandson of a Confederate soldier, the 9th would father an 8th, who would inherit all the dominion of the first son.

Means I own the earth, pay up, or pack up!

My Rock!

My father the Sun God said so!

oh yes:
Amen, and hallelujah!

The ole dog!