Autopsy Of An Epsteined America-Brother Nathanael

I had noticed Brother Nathanael had gotten the ole heave ho from YouRube at the same time I did in the great YouRube purge of Truthtellers and non government worshippers of 2019.

Good to see he has found a new video server platform.
One I was not aware of and will check out.

My Spiritual beliefs can best be described as Deist of the line of belief of the Revolutionaries of the American Revolution, with a software update for modern times and lessons learned.

But I sometimes identify myself as a Pagan Priest, as the Church of Rome called my Viking ancestors Pagans, while the Church of Rome Priest raped little boys, led slaughters of Native peoples into many lands, for wealth/forced conversion to the “Church”, burned people alive, tortured folks in every way imaginable to mankind.

All because the Vikings fought against forced conversion of their young, and the theft of their lands.

I do not know what brand of “Orthodox Christian”, Bro Nathanael is, nor does it concern me, he has never tried to force upon me his beliefs, and he tells a lot of truth.

Worth watching.

John C Carleton