Something On The Tip Of The Tongue, Something Just Out Of Reach, The Calm Before The Storm

It is out there, into the shadows just enough it can not be identified.

It is a feeling, a fore-warning sense, of something huge just over the horizon.

The Captain stands in the COC, debating sending the ALL HANDS BATTLE STATIONS call.

Nothing can be seen, radar gives off chirping of something out there, but like a flirts seeming promises of something more, fails to materialize.

Should he order the Magazines readied for action, slow down, speed up, change course?

What is out there in the fog, drawing ever nearer?

More of a gut feeling than any concrete proof I have, but the world speeds along towards a total nightmare of a Rat Run world, while the Rats switch gears.

Some tipping point has been reached, or the Rats plans have run into a roadblock.

The purveyors of zionist bullshit grow ever more desperate with their lies, even more vicious with their attacks on anyone and anything trying to tell the truth or stand up for Nature and Humanity.

Although the Rats control the vast bulk of the media, and sure as hell will not confirm my thoughts, it seems one by one, more and more people are waking up to the evil which is zionism, and the slave master which the State wants to be.

It feels like the Rats plan is meeting an opposition the Rats do not know how to deal with.

It feels like a pendulum which has swung all the way up on the side of evil, and is hanging there.

When it starts it’s downstroke, moving first to the center, then fully up on the side of good, the Light, the Rats will have lost.

All those centuries of scheming, murders, fake wars, theft, blackmail, perversions, are as nothing when the pendulum starts its next downstroke.

Every rat they got, is desperately holding on to the shaft, tying ropes of lies around the shaft, holding with all their might, against the swing to the light.

The Rats were never going to win, Mother Nature always wins in the end, and Mother Nature don’t like Rats!

John C Carleton