Jeffery Epstein Stands Before The Light!

Birds of a feather.
The Female the Pedophile Mossad agent Epstein has his arm around, is said to be a high up Mossad agent.
Mossad Honey Traps anyone.
Trump does any damn near anything Nitwityahoo wants him to?

Jeffrey Epstein, Pedophile, Mossad agent, runner of Mossad pedophile honeytraps, scum sucking piece of shit, big Buddys with the likes of President Trump and Bill the walking Rape sex attack tool Clinton, becomes aware he is standing before a brilliant Light Creature, in a world or place he has never seen the likes of in all his memory.

He asked the Light Creature:
What am I doing here?

Light Creature:
Hush, I am reading the New York Media web sites, they are all abuzz about have that slime ball pedophile evil son of a Khazarioan bitch Epstein committed suicide in a jail cell!

That means the piece of shit will be through here soon, I best get the air fresheners out!

What the hell is that smell!!??

The Khazarian perverted baby raper said timidly, being a bit confused:
I am Jeffery Epstein, but I NEVER committed suicide!

The light looked up with distaste in his face clearly identifiable.

So your evil ass is here is it?
All the government sources and MSM talking heads are saying you offed your sorry self.

Mossad Jeff:
Look, I was having my lawyers deal with some very powerful people to get me another slap on the wrist!
Why the hell would I off myself, they would not dare lock me up for real!
Hell, I know way too much on a whole lot of very rich and powerful people!

Light Creature:
I suspect you knowing all this was why you committed suicide.

Jeffery the Friend of Trump, who “likes em on the young side, like me”:

The guards brought my dinner to eat, I ate.
I got very-very sleepy, laid down for a nap and when I woke up, you were there, or I was here, or we were there, or whatever the case is, but I DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE!

Light Creature:
Oh I believe you.
I am surprised they let you live as long as they did.

Might as well get started!

Ok, Valhalla form 1865, allows the interviewee, thats you, to sign a confession, forego the review of your life, you go straight to Hel, saves us all time and aggravation.

I mean, you and I both know there is no way in Hel you going to beat the charge!

The Pedophile buddy of Clinton and Trump said:
I want an attorney!

The Light:
Well, Bill got disbarred and Rudy has yet to be hanged for his part in covering up Israhell’s attack on the American Home Land at New York 11 September, 2001.
So neither one is available here right now.

Although Bill does look like he is dead already, just refusing to fall.
I must send a valkyrie to investigate, see if the old son of a white trash bitch is dead, just refusing to cross over!

This is Valhalla’s Court System, you don’t get a phone call, you don’t get a lawyer, they go right to Hel upon arrival anyway, like bankers and politicians.

You want to fight the charges, or sign the form and report to Hel straight away?

The Pedophile Friend of the rich and powerful, now dead, cause dead men tell no tales:
Damn right I am going to fight it!
I am a Khazarian, we can do any damn thing we want to!
God said so!

Light Creature:
I saw God just before I returned to my chambers and your shit smelling ass showed up.
Odin said perhaps in your case I should wave the “no cruel or unusual punishment” clause, and get inventive with your ass.

Odin says children are for nurturing, helping them grow spiritually, with honor and truth, not for raping!

So I advise you to just sign the mother hunching form, shut the fuck up, and get on the bus to Hel, because Odin his own self gave me free hand with you, and if I have to sit here and view all the evil of your life, you are not going to Hel, Hel is too easy!
I got this other place which is only talked about in whispers!

Now you maybe got away with shit on earth because you were blackmailing judges, presidents, congressmen, heads of alphabet agencies, Pentagon generals, but you don’t have shit on anyone on this side, you on your own fuck head, so you had better be signing that damn form in the next five seconds!

Signing hurriedly as if his ass depended on it, which it did.

Light Creature:
Good, shut the hell up, get your sorry ass on the damn buss for the damned and Hel.

And you will have some of those powerful buddies of yours to talk about old time with in Hel soon!

Light Creature singing as he sprayed disinfectant with one hand and a perfume scented smell with the other in his chambers:
The Wheels of the bus goes Bump-Bump-Bump!
The wheels of the bus goes Bump-Bump-Bump
All day long!

Light Creature:

In walks a well known queer pedophile US Senator.

Light Creature:
There goes my vacation!
The DC pedophile suicided flu seems to be spreading!

John C Carleton