The Deep State Of Gun Control-What is gun control really all about?

USA Burns Children To Death In The Children’s Church, Waco, Occupied Republic Of Texas, Because Their Parents Were “ALLEGED” To Have “ILLEGAI’ Weapons.
USA, “We must Kill the Children, to Save the Children”.
That Ole “WE must destroy the Village, To Save the Village”, really worked out well in Viet Nam didn’t it?

Gun Control=Control of the slaves, (American Souls).
See, I summed it all up short and sweet!

John C Carleton

What exactly is with all this gun control mania? When it comes to politics and government’s tendency to exert its control, the least common denominator is to “follow the money.” For the life of me, I cannot figure where the money is in gun control. In fact, more prohibitive gun control actually stifles commerce. Putting businesses out of business diminishes taxes, causes a huge ripple effect in job losses, increases crime, and reduces the citizens feeling of protection and security. In so many ways, more gun control makes no sense whatsoever.

In fact, so many studies have shown that a reduction in access to legal gun and ammunition ownership has no impact at all on reducing crime including murders, assaults, mass shootings, or any other form of gun related criminality. Basically in truth and proof, gun control does not work. So, what is their continual push to have more of it?

And since we mention gun control at all, remember that every state in the United States already have countless gun laws that have been on the books for decades. Ironically, those states or cities with the most-restrictive gun control laws have the highest gun-related crime rates. Remember Chicago with a dozen murders virtually every weekend, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Memphis, and on and on. Even our nation’s capital Washington D. C. is replete with unabated gun crime. Exactly what new gun law could be enacted to stop this?


The Deep State of Gun Control