You Figure If Jesus The Christ Had Stripped Down To a G Strings, Dispensed Free Wine, Fish & Chips, While Pole Dancing, They Might Not Have Crucified Him?

If the Sheep refuse to look at it, it did not happen as far as the sheep are concerned! Obviously the stop buggering the orphans, stop stealing the widows home and last coin with Usury, stop sneaking in the back door across the street when her husband goes to work, repent, look into your hearts, […]

What Was It All For: Veterans Have Finally Turned On America’s Endless Wars

Israhell did 9/11. America should be bombing the hell out of Israhell. Israhell “citizens”, and Israhell Firster Politicians, in DC, should be given fair Common Law Trials, and Fair hangings for giving aid and comfort to the foreign power which has murdered thousands of Americans. John C Carleton ——————————————————– It is undoubtedly my favorite part […]

The Untold Story of Christian Zionism’s Rise to Power in the United States-Covert Geopolitics

I have personally traced the zionist disease, the collaboration between zionist “christians” and zionist End of Times Death Cult Khazarian members of the cult, to Oliver Cromwell in England, in the 1600s. Was called Puritans then. The evil is an old one, and has had many names, many religions which has done the evil’s work. […]

The Founding Of America

Colony Name Year Founded Founded By Virginia 1607 London Company Massachusetts 1620 John Endicott and John Winthrop New Hampshire 1623 John Mason Maryland 1634 Lord Baltimore Connecticut 1635 Thomas Hooker Rhode Island 1636 Roger Williams Delaware 1638 Peter Minuit and New Sweden Company North Carolina 1653 Virginians South Carolina 1663 Eight Nobles with a Royal […]

Camp Butler Prisoner of War Camp

Camp Butler was located 5.5 miles east of Springfield, Illinois. It was a military instruction camp that was converted into a prison. The camp, named after William Butler (Illinois state treasurer), became a P.O.W. facility one day after Camp Douglas was established. The prison consisted of 3 separate compounds, totaling 40 acres, used for troop […]