“May God Have Mercy On My Enemies, Because I Will Not!”

My 3ed Great Grandfathers discharge from the American Revolution.
He was at Valley Forge with cousin George.

My Great Grandfather, Grandson of Lewis Carleton who was at Valley Forge, William Lewis Carleton. Medical Dr, Circuit riding Methodist minister, Confederate Soldier, and Confederate Chaplain.

“May God Have Mercy On My Enemies, Because I Will Not!”
General George S Pattons Motto.

Being cousins, i find the same ancestors gave both of us a heaping helping of the same believes and values.

i am an American, my fourth incarnation here.

i was at Valley Forge, i was at Yorktown.

i fought the evil of the yankee puritan baby raping invaders, and watered liberties roots with my blood trying to keep her alive.

That was the last justified war America fought.

The war was an defense war, against the zionist invading evil of USA corporation.

The last American Veterans died for American’s freedom, were wearing gray/butternut, and marching barefoot!

It is time for the old souls, to again assemble to clean up this mess, and to return freedom to America’s shores.

America’s enemies are my enemies.

May God have mercy on my enemies, because I will not!

John C Carleton