Israeli airstrikes in Syria endangers safety of Russian forces: report

But yet Putin is up Nitwityahoo’s ass!

15 Dead Russian airmen murdered by Israhell, no problem.

Not to Putin!

Putin reminds me of Dwight Eisenhower.
No combat Ike!

From the article:

The Russian Ministry of Defense blamed Israel for the death of its personnel, claiming that an IAF F-16 used the IL-20 reconnaissance plane for cover during the Syrian Air Force’s response to their airstrikes.

Following the downing of the IL-20, the Russian Ministry of Defense agreed to ship their S-300 air defense system to Syria. The S-300 arrived in Syria on October 1st; however, it has yet to be used in combat”

What they are not telling you, is Russian had already promised the S-300 to Syria, Nitwityahoo ran whining to Bestist Butties Putin, Putin reneged on the promise, peddled some kind of bull shit story about they were going to upgrade the software on the Model T type anti-aircraft platforms Syria already had.

THEN, after Israhell murdered 15 Russian Servicemen, the Russian Generals, told Putin, the Russian military made Putin’s planes fly, and they could make them fall.

The brass told Putin to sit the fuck down, and shut the hell up, Syria was getting the S-300.

Putin shut the fuck up, sat the hell down, and Syria got the S-300s, which Putin has “down for maintenance”, every time israhell wants to illegally bomb Syria again.

‘Iran Slams Russia for Deactivating S-300 during Israeli Airstrikes on Syria’

Iran Slams Russia for Deactivating S-300 during Israeli Airstrikes on Syria

Putin seems to care more for the welfare of Israhell “military” (criminals), than Russian military Personal.

Sounds like Russia has a Khazarian in the wood pile!

John C Carleton