The Reason Jefferson Davis Was Not Tried For Treason, Is the Same Reason Admiral Kimmel and Lt General Short , Navy and Army Commanders, at Pearl Harbor, Were Not Court Marshaled

Because each trial receptively, would have vindicated the accused, and proved the criminality of the Accuser, USA/WASHINGTON DC.

The USA WANTED to try Jefferson Davis for treason, but some among those WASHINGTON DC War Criminals, understood, trying him for treason would have proved the legality of secession.

General Short and Admiral Kimmel, were following Washington DC’s orders.
The reason they both were not better prepared, for the Japanese attack on Pearl Horbor, which the Communist Anti-American FDR worked for years to achieve, is because they were under orders to have things as they were at Pearl.

WASHINGTON DC knew the attack was coming, and allowed a couple thousands American to be slaughtered so the American people would get pissed, go to war for the pediophilic Usury Bankers pre planned and executed killing fields of WW 2.

Both Short and Kimmel BEGGED, the rest of their lives, to BE court marshaled.

They knew they could, in a court, prove their innocence, and USA/Washington DC’s treason against the American people.

Thats why they were never allowed to have their day in court.

Same reason Jefferson Davis never was allowed to have his day in court.

Because the evil criminal, was the one accusing the innocent, and the guilty USA/Washington DC), was not about to help the innocent, prove their innocence, and the Evil Guilt and Criminality of USA/WASHINGTON DC.

“Know the truth, and the Truth will set you Free!”

John C Carleton