I am one of those Americans just would not quit telling the truth, standing up for America people, got kicked off of YouRube.

BitChute does not give a link with the photo of the video in it.
So I gave you the photo, but you have to click the link on bottom.

Song about the futility of pedophilic Usury Bankers wars, as directed by political prostitutes, and ass kissing Generals.

My Maternal Grandfather was in the Fields of Flanders, with the US Expeditionary Forces as they were called.

Did not do him any good!
He made it back, but not shortened his life I believe.

The general idea, is for America to tell the Khazarian, Non Semitic, Russian Expat & Spawn “bankers”, Political Whores, Knob polishing sold out Generals, in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, to go have sex with themselves, cause America is NOT going to send her children and treasure to the killing fields of yet another Usury bankers War, based on false flags, lies and Bull Shit!

Get off you Knees America!

John C Carleton