Are Starvation Sanctions Worse Than Overt Warfare?-Zero Hedge

Let them eat grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Them Zionist Christians have the “LOVE” OF JESUS in them.

And if you don’t do EXACTLY as Jesus says to do, as translated by the zionist charlatan fat pig preacher John (REACH DEEP IN YOUR POCKETS) Hagee, they will damn well kill you!

The Khazarian zionist will just kill you, cause their cult religion says they have that right if you are not a cult member.

The zionist puritan warvangelical “christians”, and the Russian Expat & spawn Non Semitic zionist Khazarians, run Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, not real Americans.

This means, it is not safe in America, for kittens, puppies, or children.
This means it is not safe for kittens, puppies, or children, or their parents, anywhere in the world the DC zionist bombers and missiles can reach.

They also starve kittens, puppies and little children to death anywhere their “sanctions” can reach.