Was General Patton Assassinated By The USA Government


Except it was joint Red Bolshevik Communist Khazarian Russian AND USA Assassination.

Here is a link to a self published, out of print, (surprise-suprise) book written by an America Intelligence officer who worked under Patton’s command.

He warned Patton several times there was a Russian plot to murder Patton.

He also told the USA top brass and the collaborating with Russia Communist Khazarian Red Bolsheviks, British Empire double agent treasonous American who ran the OSS, the WW 2 forerunner of the Child for sexual slavery and illegal drug smuggling, Anti-America CIA Criminal Cabal, several times of the plot, and ending up fearing for his life from what he had thought of as his own side.

The PDF form is provided by the family of the officer.

‘Death, The Murder Of General Patton’

Click to access Death%20of%20Patton%20_%20S%20J%20Skubik.pdf

John C Carleton

Was General Patton Assassinated