US must invade Venezuela to scare Iran and North Korea: Senator Graham

US Sen. Lindsey Graham during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on May 1, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by AFP)

IT was well known around DC circles, Graham and the now room temperature and rotting in hell McCain, were promiscuous Bi-sexual sleaze balls.

It is my personal opinion, having studied DC from the time I was in High school, both were pedophiles, and Graham still is.

Such evil shit persons, if USA were not evil as hell, corrupt as hell, would not have been allowed to betray the American people all these years.

Let us forget for a moment, he is a pervert.

He is calling for murdering, the head of State, of a Sovereign Foreign country, which has never attacked, nor threatened to attack America, along with the military invasion, of the same by the USA.

That is a war crime

Why is he not arrested, tried, and sent to Leavenworth for the rest of his life, in solitary confinement?

Because USA/Washington DC IS a Crime Cabal.

John C Carleton

A hawkish Republican senator has suggested that the United States should take military action against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro so countries opposing the US are intimidated and surrender to Washington’s demands.

To handle foreign conflicts “we need points on the board,” Senator Lindsey Graham, who is a close ally of President Donald Trump, was quoted as saying on Friday by Fox News.

The warmonger from South Carolina told Fox News that the US needed to resolve its issues with other countries using military actions.

The Chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary suggested using US military force to resolve America’s conflicts with countries opposed to US foreign policy.

“Do what Reagan did in Grenada. Put military force on the table … start with your own backyard,” he suggested.