But All That Changed When The yankee Bastards Fired Again

Dedicated to, written for and about the murder of my cousin, Lt. Col. John Augistine Washington.
Aid de Camp, cousin, friend and tent mate of General Robert E Lee.
Recognized head of the Washington Family, last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon.

The great grand nephew of George Washington, Assassinated from concealment, by the USA/Washington DC military, 11 September 1861, while carrying one of George Washington’s swords, in what is now West Virginia.

Eighty four years later, USA/Washington DC, would assassinate another Washington Descendant, First cousin to George Washington, General George S Patton.

Seems like Washington DC, likes to murder Washingtons.

John C Carleton

‘But All That Changed When The yankee Bastards Fired Again’

When my country was invaded-
I strapped on my sword as some still debated-

What to do about the blue coated USA war criminal mob-
Causing so many Southern children and their mothers to be buried under Southern sod-

Left my children in care of family and friends at home-
As I rode out to face the enemy of my people, quite alone-

No family to say good morning to as the sleep falls from their waking eyes-
No, I must leave them to try to protect them from the evil and lies-

Of the yankee puritan self-righteous spawn of “witch” burning scum-
Their gang raping murders of defenseless children and women fueled by drunkenness on rum-

The burning of towns, court houses, convents, churches, cities, farm houses, barns by the millions-
Leading to tens of thousands of deaths, the murderous Holocaust of innocent Southern civilians-

Joining with my comrades, we rode out to face the invading degenerate evil yankee horde-
Putting our lives, our destines in the hands of our ancestor’s Lord-

I had promised my children I surly would return to them at wars end-
But all that changed, when the yankee bastards fired again!

The Ole Dog!