The Main Reason The USA Kept Stopping General George S Patton From Ending The War In Europe In A Timely Manner

Patton cared deeply for his troops. He understood, the more territory he took, the faster he took it, less of his men would die.

Any half assed historian knows, if from no other source, then surly from the Movie Patton, in fall 1944, The no Combat Coward Ike, stopped Patton cold, diverted all his gas/supplies to Ole Go Slow And Get A Lot Of Men Killed, Montgomery, British egotistical & inapt “Field Marshall”.

That was not the first time he had been stoped from kicking German ass for bull shit reasons.

He slapped a soldier in a field hospital who said his nerves were frayed.
He had deserted, left his “buddies”, to face the fighting without him there, (how many lives did that cost?).

Patton could have had him shot for desertion in the face of the enemy.

Patton instead, chose to give him another chance.
So he slapped his ass and pretended he was going to shoot the deserter ON THE spot.
Patton understood, in sending him back to the front to face his fears, just as his buddies he left behind had to, might get him killed.
But sending him back, making him face his fears, fight, overcome his cowardliness, if he lived, he would not live the rest of his life with the memory of his cowardliness eating him inside to out, like a cancer.

But for this trivial thing, (Wars are not nice neat democratic ole lady tea socials), the best damn General they had, the biggest, baddest, butt kicking, territory taking, in the shortest time, with the least loss of men, was sidelined.

Now if you are the “president, the damn well Commander in Chief of the dick swinging Military Forces of the US of fucking A, and you really want to end this war, stop getting Americans slaughtered in a war was none of their business, until FDR FORCED the Japanese to attack at Pearl Harbor, you give Patton free reign, and EVERY DAMN THING HE WANTS OR NEEDS!)

USA/Washington DC, did the complete opposite.

Patton warned the Brass in the 1930s, the Japanese would attack there, given the moves, (embargoes), FDR was slapping on the Japanese, and how they would do it.

His written report was locked away and he was called crazy behind his back.

If you are the president, you tell your butties at the newspaper offices to shut the hell up about it.
You promote Patton!

Patton was the varsity A string, and everyone involved, including the German High Command, understood that.

So, if you were the Red Bolshevik Mass murdering psychopath Joseph Stalin’s bestest buttie, the Communist Franklin D Roosevelt, who called the evil Stalin “Uncle Joe”, and who claimed to give a shit about America, American fighting man, dying in the mud, while he ate stake, consorted with his girlfriend, and slept in clean sheets, why would you keep slowing down the end of the war?

Just liked to see Americans get their asses blow off for nothing?

I don’t think so, and history backs me up in my supposition.

Course if you Demophiles just want to maintain he loved getting Americans asses blow up for nothing, carry on!

I however, see other reasons borne out by historical fact, at the presidential level, the political level, and the military brass level.

The military brass level is the easiest to explain so I will address that first.

George was the best fighting General the allies had, and damn sure nuff the best America had.
He had some “faults” however.

Such as kicking ass in combat, showing up the failings of all the other American/allied generals and “field Marshalls”.
Telling the truth.
Popping the bloated ego bubbles of political whores.
Overriding Washington DC’s orders when he knew it would get more men killed needlessly/prolong the war.
Being a loyal American.

The military brass level is the easiest to explain so I will address that first.

George kept showing up the other generals, not because that is what he was trying to do, (except “Monty).
Its was just Patton was the best, much better at doing, than the arm chair generals, especially when they were in the field.
So there was jealousy.
Jealousy breeds contempt and hate in inferior people.

Then there were those such as the treasonous to America, No Combat Coward Ike, who had political aspersions after the war ended.

George wanted nothing to do with politics after the war, but some, Like the No Combat Ike, because of their own corruption and self interest, did not believe that.
And Patton was just too damn popular with the troops, and with the American public.

Now the political Whores!

I see no need to write long rambling papers.
I will say, the USA “government”, was run by Anti-American, Red Bolshevik loving communist.
Thats a fact!

If you want to know the extent of the communist influence in Washington, before, during and after the war, the best source, best researched I have seen, is also the best source I have read on how USA/Russia, conspired not only to stop Pattion from kicking ass, but to murder him after the war, to shut him up, not allow him to return to America and tell all those true facts he knew on the treason done America/Americans, by the USA/WASHINGTON DC.

‘Target: Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton Hardcover – November 4, 2008’

If you want a look at the real man behind the mask, the act, I suggest this book written by Patton’s nephew.
‘Before the colors fade;: A portrait of a soldier: George S. Patton, Jr., Hardcover – 1964’

My father who was born a few years before WW 1, was old enough to remember the war years, and to listen to the veterans who returned, tell their stories.

Father told me one WW 1 veteran told him, war was was a poor mans hell, and a rich mans heaven!
Lot of money to be made out of the blood of the slain, the rehabilitation and or housing of the wounded/shattered/insane.

The politicians, who were the whores of the Usury Bankers, who funded both sides of the war, at Usury interest of course, owed their asses and their political careers to these bloodsucking buzzard bastards of “finance”.
Who start wars, but do not fight in them.

Lots of fortunes were being made by the mayhem/death/destruction of war.
End the war, you end the feeding frenzy of the pedophilic Usury buzzard “bankers”.

So the political whores, stopped Patton again and again, to prolong the war, so rich bastards, could get richer, off the labor, suffering, misfortune, dying of the poor.

The Germans themselves, the ones fighting Patton, said after the war, said if Patton had not been stopped cold, fall of 1944, to divert his supplies, from a general who kicked ass, took a lot of ground fast, with lower casualties per mile than any other generals in the war, to “fields marshall” Montgomery, who was know for poking along, at the high cost of dead and wounded soldiers, the war in Europe would have ended a good six months before it did.

They said, if Patton had not been stopped, he would have crossed the Rhine, and German resistance would have collapsed.
But as Patton was stopped, that time allowed the Germans to regroup, rearm, and attack at Bastogne, The Battle of the Bulge.

Now, not even talking the enormous pile of debt being run up needlessly.
Talking all the men, both sides, did not have to die, plus women, old and children, did not have to die, in Europe, in the last six months of the war.

Little know fact, as Washington DC did not want the American people to understand this fact, if George had not been stopped in fall 1944, there would have been no Battle of the Bulge.

What brings this all home, is when you realize, more American soldiers died in the Battle of the Bulge, than on D Day.
And they died needlessly, they did not, but for the treason of the USA high command and political WHORES, would have had to die!

If Patton had not been stopped, there would have been no Dresden.
Dresden was a War Crime.
Dresden was the deliberate slaughter of civilians, by the tens of thousands.

Once again, George and the Magnificent Soldiers, of the 3ed Army pulled their asses out of the fire, after Washington set their own house on fire, again.

The Magnificent Soldiers, in battle, in winter, did an about face, pulled out of one battle, did a force march, in mud, heavy snow, ass freezing temperatures, no sleep, which no one else but George and the men of the Third Army thought could be done, go right back into battle in some of the worst weather during WW 2 in Europe.

Saved the USA’s ass again in the war.

If Patton’s Third, had not beaten the Germans back, the allies would probably been kicked back across the channel to Merry Ole, they started out from.

There were other reasons as well, but the MAIN REASON, was this!

If George had not been stopped again and again, he would have had the surrender of the Germans, AT LEAST, by September 1944.

In September 1944, the Russian Red Bolsheviks, were just entering Hungary.

There were three countries, Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, between the gang raping to death child/woman/grandma, Red Russian Bolshevik “soldiers”, and Germany

They would have not taken those three countries, good bit of Germany, raped and murdered all those Germans, made slaves of all those Eastern European Countries, as well as Germans, for generations, leading to the Cold War.

Patton was stopped one more time, ordered to stop, and allow the Red Bolshevik communist gang child rapers till death, to take Berlin.

Another little know fact, the people from those Eastern European countries were begging George to kick the Reds out of their countries, and there was fighting between Pattons army and the communist Russian bastards.

But “Uncle Joe” Stalin, protested to Washington, the treasonous to America and the world, ass wipes in DC, made Patton stop, and allow Stalin to enslave the people, and cause the Cold War.

In other words, Patton tried to stop the Cold War, and Washington DC made him allow the Russians to start the Cold War.

Can you get your mind arounds how much of the worlds wealth, should have gone to making this world a better place, went into the pedophilic Buzzard bastard “bankers” pockets, because of the Cold War????????

Then the treasonous Anti-American whores in DC, and the evil child gang raping to death Russians, murdered Patton!


The Land of the American Sheep!
And the home of the American Usury Slave!

God Bless Robert E Lee!
God Bless George S Patton.

Loyal Americans with Balls!

John C Carleton