When Pointing Out The Evil Of The Russian Expat & Spawn Terrorist Holocausting The Semitic Palestinians, Pedophilic Non Semitic Terrorist Khazarain Hazbaras Accuse Me Of “Hating Jews”.

Truth is a bitch to evil pedophile Khazarians trying to justify their evil.

I am not a fan of any organized religions as they have historically been used, and are being used still, to keep Humanity at each others throats and march the young children off to wars, to kill and die, so rich ass holes can get richer, more power over humanity as slaves.

The End of times Death Cult, which the non Semitic Terroist Russian Expat war criminal Khazarians borrowed from the Late Period. and ONLY The late period Hebrews, is evil as shit!

Don’t forget, Jesus the Christ was not trying to reform this evil child raping, Usury practicing, war making cult, he was trying to get rid of it!

So yes, I do not like the religion of the pedophilic Non semitic Russian expat halfbreed Turkmen/slavic Khazarian reject halfbreeds from the steppes of Russia.

Religion is just cover for their evil against humanity.

They were doing evil before they converted to this cult, in the Steppes of Russia, in 0740 AD.

With or without any religion, you are talking the Bad Seed, who’s blood mixing with any other peoples, seem to damn the other people to become evil.

I am not against a one to one relationship with That which Is, The Light.

But I refuse to give any people a pass on their evil, based on what “god” they claim.

Hang their asses for their crimes!
Let their “god” save em if he or she so desires.

If their “god” allows them to hang for their evil, then it is their “god’s” will they be hanged for their evil, or else, their “god” is a poopless figment of their hallucinations.

John C Carleton