How Much Pain, Sorrow and Suffering, Will It Take, To Get The American Sheep To Pull Their Cowardly, Heads Out Of Their Indoctrinated Asses?

They vote in elections which never make things better for America, always Worse.

The sons of bitches and cunts they vote for in DC, are shipping third world people in to replace Americans, turn them loose to rape, rob and murder Americans.

The USA, collaborating with the illegal crime cabal Israhell, located in New Khazara, Occupied Palestine, who got the funds from the Saudies to attack America it would appear, attacked America, 11 September 2001, murdering over 3,000 souls in one day, with thousands dying still of the results of that day on their health, first responders, relief workers, people who escaped the buildings.

Then, still collaborating with the Ratchild run crime cabal of Israhell, the DC SOB’s and slimy whores of DC, used lies about who did the attack, to start a series of wars which have lasted 18 years at this point.

USA, has based on bald faced lies, again and again, attacked, invaded, occupied, Sovereign country after sovereign country, all the while using American children as cannon fodder mercenary’s in wars for Israhell, and sexual party favors for the pedophiles running USA/DC.

Many of these Khazarian sons of bitches and whores, who are fucking American children both physically in DC, and figuratively in the wars for Israhell, and the shit hole VA afterwards, are damn well citizens of New Khazaria, Occupied Palestine!


The American sheep pledge allegiance to the company banner of the USA Corporation, a foreign to America sub corporation of the RothRat run evil British Empire.

They return again and again to the polls for the make believe “elections”, year after year after year after year, as year after year after year, America a goes down the tubes, the currency buys less, Benefits from companies to employs have been gutted.

They go to church on Sunday, sing Holy-Holy-Holy, while the pedophiles they voted for, rape children, and mass murder people all over the world!

What the fucking son of a bitching mother hunching hell, is it going to TAKE, for these cowardly sorry excuses for humanity to damn well stand up, defend their society, their towns, cities, culture, homes, families?


John C Carleton