Bolton pushes United States to over-reach in Iran

This Anti-American War Criminal is a New Khazaria, Occupied Palestine “citizen”.

The above Nitwityahoo, is a Khazarian terrorist, the spawn of a Russian Expat Terrorist, who is Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians, while raping their children, shooting their pregnant women through the belly, bragging one shot two kills, stealing the Palestinians land, oil, water, bulldozing their over thousand year old villages and cemeteries.

As you can clearly see, New Khazaria, erroneously called Israhell by some, don’t give a flying whatever about America or Americans.

So what the hell, is a citizen of New Khazaria, doing in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, where American children are used as sexual party favors, trying to destroy whats left of America while taking care of removing Iran, using American children as cannon fodder, spending American treasure, so the Non-Semitic Turkmen/slavic half breed reject outcaste Russian Expats from the Steppes of Russia, occupying Palestine, can be the top dog in the middle East, where their degenerate pedophile Khazarian ancestors never were?

The above Charlie Foxtrot is not in the best interest of America or American’s

John C Carleton