Enough Bull Shit and Fantasy, it is Time to do a B-52 Carpet Bomb Run on Tel Aviv, New Khazaria, (Occupied Palestine)

Enough bull shit, enought fantasy, enough treasonous American Warvangelical New Khazaria firsters, enought Russian Expat Pedophilic Usury practicing, Non Semitic Turkmen/slavic half breed reject outcaste buck toothed inbred Khazarains with no Hebrew blood claiming “GOD GAVE IT TO US”.

Time to line the B-52s up on the runways, do a saturation carpet bombing run on Tel Aviv.

Personally apposed to nukes.
Conventional explosives will do just fine.
The Land belongs to the Semitic Palestinians after all, and should not be made radioactive where they can not reclaim their Ancestral Home Land.

And for those pissing their pants, defecating in their fruit of the looms, about the Ratschilds threat to blow the whole world up with the approximately 300 illegal Nukes the Rats have stashed in their den in occupied Palestine, if the Rats and their Khazarian Non-Semitic Russian Expat and Spawn are not allowed to rape, rob, and holocaust as they wish, there is a simple solution.

One calls the head Rat on the carpet, explain to him, as you are speaking, Tel Aviv is being reduced to rubble.

If a nuke goes off anywhere in the world in the future, no matter who was said to have done it or why, the Rat Pack, will be hunted down from the oldest pedophile, to the youngest, and made extinct.

Even if the Russian Expat & spawn thereof Khazarians, were Hebrews, they are not, but if they were, the “covenant” which they claim gives them Palestine, would be null and void.

The Anunnaki off earther they chose as their master, told the Hebrews he would give the Hebrews this land, and protect the Hebrews, AS LONG AS THEY KEPT HIS COVENANT!

Now in this covenant, the Land, is to divided by tribe.

Even if the Khazarians were Hebrews, they are not, but if they were, none of them would have a clue which tribe they belonged to, as there are no tribes of hebrews left in the world, and has not been, for damn near two thousand years.

One can not change a covenant because it serves ones interest to do so.

The only way the Hebrews, could claim Palestine, would be by tribe.

So Hebrews claiming Palestine is null, void, and a mute point.

Next, the Hebrews who decided which tribe got what land, was the Levites, the priest.

Khazarians and their End of Times Death Cult religion, have rabbis, not the same thing, not the same religion the Hebrews practiced in the times of Kings David and Solomon.

Not the same God even.

So if you don’t know what tribe you are, you have no priest, and you are not descended from the Hebrews anyway, you are shit out of luck having ANY TYPE or FASHION of claim on the Land of Palestine.

SO what does this make the evil child raping, murdering, thieving, perverted, war mongering, land stealing, genociding Russian Expat Non-Semitic Turkmen/slavic half breed Khazarians who are Holocausting the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian souls, in the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land?

Some really evil sons of bitches and their whores of mothers, who deserve Fair Common Law Trials, and Fair Hangings!

The ones B-52s don’t get first.

Any son of a bitching American, no matter if from ignorance and indoctrination, who puts the welfare of an Anti-American crime cabal, New Khazaria, holed up in Occupied Palestine, before America, has committed treason against America, and deserves a Fair Trial, and a Fair Hanging!

The mother hunching Khazrians, attacked New York.
Their buddies Saudi financed the attack, the Khazarians in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, who use American Children for Sexual Party favors in DC, and for cannon fodder around the world, fighting war for New Khazaria, collaborated.

That Means the USA/WASHINGTON DC “government”, attacked America for you slow ones.

Time to clean up Washington DC, Americans take their country back from the Russian Expats and their spawn.

America First!

If you do not feel that way, there are ships leaving American harbors, planes flying out every damned day from America’s airports, headed towards Russia.

There are roads going North, and roads going South out of the North American States and Republics, Occupied.

Either you are an American or you are not.
If you are not an America, time to get the hell out of America.

Now, for you indoctrinated ones, here is a link to a couple of articles which shows the road map of modern DNA testing which proves the Russian expat Khazarians and Spawn, are not Hebrews.

The Yemen people are the closest, having about 10 percent ancient Hebrew blood in them.

The Russian Expats in Occupied Palestine, who have no, or at best, a tiny speck of ancient Hebrew blood, are helping Saudi, Holocaust the closest thing left to Hebrews in todays world, the Yemen People.

A real evil Charlie Foxtrot!

‘Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia’
Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

‘New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine’

New Genome Study Destroys Zionist Claims to Palestine

‘New Genome Research reveals the true Ancient Israelites’

New Genome Research reveals the true Ancient Israelites

Time to clean America up folks.
To do that, New Khazaria has to fall.

John C Carleton