America Has Lost Her Way, Can Not Return To The Past, Knows Not The Future

America must wander in the wilderness for some years, before it can find it’s way to a useful, decent, freedom infused, future.

Talking to my older brother the other day.
We had gotten over to the spiritual side.
i explained i did not care a lot for antiques.
Two reasons.
In my pilgrimage towards the Light, a journey which continues, i realized at one point, antiques are just people trying to hold on to the past, trying to stop the future from coming on in on them.
They dream of a simpler time, and try to return to that time.
Never works.

Secondly, there have been civilizations, which were much more advanced than the present one.
But most of what they had, what they did, is buried under the crust of the earth, or sunken into the sea.

Take a Viking sword.
Lets say, 0700-10000AD
There is not one, good condition example of a Viking sword of that period has survived.
They have been dug up out of burials, bogs, river bottoms, and i read recently of one found up in a frozen mountaintop, which were better than most found.
Still it was deteriorated.
Some when they come out of the ground, are barely there, just a delicate skeleton of its former self is left.

That was just a thousand years ago.

All we see around us, all man made things, will one day, be below the crust of the earth, hidden from view.

The time will come when future humans dig our rusted, warped trash out of the earth, and speculate on what these people did and believed.

The world, goes through cycles, from stone age like conditions, to advanced societies which learn how to slaughter each other with wonder weapons.

And if mankind down’t blow his own ass back into the stone age, the Universe takes care of resetting the game, and kicking mankind’s ass back to the stone age.

Thats how it works.
Because, this earth, our earthly lives, are just a school.
Our physical world, as beings of energy, spiritual beings if you will, are only here for one reason.
To LEARN, to GROW spiritually.
Advance in our grades in the school.
Because the zionist one life, heaven or hell for eternity, is bull shit.
Reincarnation is fact.
Life after life, one will fail or pass this class, this life.
If failed, one will back the next life, facing the same problems, worse this time, until one learns the lessons, and moves to the next class, the next level.

Humanity does not even know the names , of those societies, more advanced than ours, which existed in the past.
Rome, Persia, Babylon, is about as far as knowledge goes.

Atlantas, is debated if it really existed or not.

So you see, one day, maybe 10,000-50,000 years or so from now, the words, America, United Staes of America, will be meaningless.

Very few will have ever heard of such, and the ones who have, will have no true knowledge of what they really were.

Some words found on monuments, or such, and years spent deciphering what the words meant, just as in a much shorter period of time, archeologist, linguist, argue over the true meanings and definitions of what the Egyptian markings on walls, monuments.

So, Americans conception, of America being so very important, the corporation, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, so very lasting and necessary to the world and humanity, is vanity.

Americans are trying to hold on to the past, while most of then do not even have a clue what the true past of both are.
They have this conception of the two, which was learned from propaganda and historical lies.

The Past is gone, America has lost her way, and is fighting accepting the future.

They must wander in the wilderness, for as many years as it takes to face reality, and climb on the future express.

i hope, it is a short intense period, both to get it over with, and to not waste years of precious time, when lessons could be learned, spiritual growth made.

The USA, as it stands now, can not survive.
Even if the name survives in use a few years down the road, WASHINGTON DC, as it exist today, will be a thing of the past, on the garbage heap of history.

New things will have to be tried to run the country, many will fail, through trial and error, lessons are learned and futures are made.

i have been hanging around America for four lives now, i have blood in her soil, lives spent trying to guide her to that future.
No water walker myself.
Screw ups and lessons learned, transgressions paid for.

So it is my desire, my wish for America and Americans, they look inward, into their own beings, and use their knowledge learned, to become better Americans, myself included, so the country, as a people, as a whole, can forge for themselves, a better future.

The future will come either way.

it can be a future of growth, mutual support, of freedom of the individual, to walk his or her own path, so growth can accrue, or it can be a shit hole nightmare of torture and hopelessness.

That is up to the American people to decide.

Past is gone, can not return to the past.

The past is the past.
The present is now the past.
The Future, is now the present.

What will it be America?

John C Carleton