A Factual Appraisal By The Red Cross-The Seeker UK

Did the Nazi’s do war crimes, kill civilians?
Damn right they did.

Did the British do war crimes, kill civilians?
Damn right they did.

Did the USA do war crimes, kill civilians?
Damn right they did.

Did the Russians do war crimes, kill civilians?
Damn right they did.

The good side in that Usury bankers preplanned war, was the countries which stayed out of it.

The Germans, probably from what i can find, murdered less civilians than USA, England, Russia.

Britain, USA, both fire bombed civilian cities on purpose to murder complete cities full of Germans.
Many with little or no military value.

USA, fire bombed Japanese cities, intending to burn down the cities and incinerate the civilian populations.
And don’t forget, dropping two atom bombs on Japanese cities, when the Japanese had been trying to surrender to the USA for six months.

Russia is the clear winner of murdering civilians, rape, robbery, pillaging, pure evil terror tactics.
Russia probably murdered more civilians than the other three together.

The winners, always write the history books.

My father passed down to me a saying which has been in the family for generations.

Takes a thousand props to hold up a lie, but the truth will stand alone.

The zionist, whitewash the responsibility they have of using the Jewish people, the poor ones, as pawns in a game to secure Palestine.

Then they told such huge lies to set up the poor-poor “Jew” bullshit, that when people finally find the truth, they lose all pity for the “jew”.

Especially when the zionist, mostly Russian expats, or descendants of such, who are Holocausting the Semitic Palestinians, stealing their water, land, oil, while making the Germans look like angels compared to the hate and evil the Israhell zionist do.

Time and again, the top shelf zionist use the poor and middle class zionist, to do their dirty work, but when humanity finally have enough, those zionsit guiding the evil, making sure it happened, are safe in their retreats, in other countries, while the lower classes, get slaughtered.

Now not saying the evil sons of bitches don’t deserve what they get, but they were only foot soldiers, the top shelf zionist, always survive in ease and comfort, while the lower classes pay the price.

The zionist are their own worst enemies.

Read this piece, and let the light of illumination of the lies of the zionist, Russia, USA and Britain, awaken you to reality.

If the zionist did not have the big lie of their version of the Holocaust, (many different peoples and nationalities, ethnicities were holocaust in WW 2), then the world would not be giving them the pass on the evil they do to other peoples today.

Thats why they invented the big lie of the planned extermination of all”Jews” in WW 2.

John C Carleton

A Factual Appraisal by the Red Cross