Zionist Zombies Dancing On The Blood Of The Innocent

Zionist zombies dancing on the blood of the innocent-
The peace of the earth and humanity is the scent-

Which draws them to their Rat induced feast-
On the flesh of babies, raped, sacrificed to the beast-

Of their evil pedophilic angry violent war god-
which demands massive human sacrifices, humanity under an iron rod-

Of slavery to the evil of the pedophilic Rats and their degenerate plan-
For making zionist zombie slaves of each child, woman and man-

Humanity must rally together world wide to fight for survival-
A gathering of real men, a Viking mentality revival-

Odin has called for the awaking of manhood in his people-
The shunning of the ball-less zionist zombie sheeple-

The darkness of the Rat zionist evil has crept across the earth-
Damn near encompassing it’s entire girth-

It is time to rise from the ashes of history like the fabled Phoenix of old-
It is time not to hide in the shadows, but time to be exceedingly bold-

The Gods of old are ready to rise once again to lead-
But humanity must repent of their worshiping of zionist greed-

Of honoring degenerate ass holes who bugger the young child-
Mankind must reject the evil Rat virus, and not in a way mild-

A stand must be taken to push back the Rat induced zionist tide-
So that the Old Ones, can again in the hearts of humanity abide!

The Ole Dog!