Violence is fundamental to Israel’s ‘democracy’ and always has been-MEM

Israhell, is the private crime cabal headquarters of the RothsRats.

The “Jews” ancestors were never from the middle east.

They are a mixture, of Expat Russians, Turkmen/slavic half breeds, who’s ancestors converted to the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, between 0700-0800 AD, in the Steppes of Russia, and European converts.

There are no Hebrews.
Revelations already happened, it was about what the Romans was going to do to the Hebrews, and they damn well did it.

When i studied Theology, first thing my professor told us was, the Hebrews wrote poetically, they liked to make things exciting and themselves much more important than they really were.

The only thing the Hebrew writers got wrong, no “savior” came and saved their wormy asses from the Romans.

“Jew” is not a term which was used in those days, it was invented well after there were no more Hebrews.

“Jew” is a religious cult, like the Baptist, Catholics, Church of England, Methodist.

What Israhell is, is a bunch of really nasty, sorry trash being used by the Rats for their own purposes.

The Jews are fucking fools, tools used against humanity, by people who don’t give a flying whatever about their asses.

We are talking Russian communism here, at the lower and mid levels.

The Rats, are in it for the Rats and don’t give a damn about the inbred buck toothed trash they use for their purposes against humanity.

If humanity don’t get a set of balls and take the Rats out, then humanity will exist as slaves to evil baby fuckers.

John C Carleton

Violence is fundamental to Israel’s ‘democracy’ and always has been