My Pissing Cup

Three evil Sons of Bitches i have this receptacle, which holds about a cup of fluid. It is on a shaft, driven into the ground. In it i placed a non monetary coin, with Alexander Hamilton in it, (his usury bankers ass was never put on a US coin), several different Abe Lincoln pennies, and […]

Violence is fundamental to Israel’s ‘democracy’ and always has been-MEM

Israhell, is the private crime cabal headquarters of the RothsRats. The “Jews” ancestors were never from the middle east. They are a mixture, of Expat Russians, Turkmen/slavic half breeds, who’s ancestors converted to the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, between 0700-0800 AD, in the Steppes of Russia, and European converts. There are no Hebrews. […]