How Many Is Enough?

How many articles showing the USA bombing the Syrian military, civilians, Iraq military, civilians, swooping in with Helos, saving foreign ISIS commanders asses, removing them to safety, before the Iraq or Syrian militaries take them Out?

Let us not forget, USA being in both countries are bully boy war crimes, USA don’t have any thing but lies piled on lies to explain their presence in two countries, which DID NOT attack America!

How many is enough?

Rest of the world knows the truth.

Americans have their blood stained fingers in their ears, eyes tightly shut, screaming i can not see it, i can not hear it, you are a conspiracy nutcase!

How many articles showing the Washington DC crime cabal raping, murdering and sometimes in satanic rituals, eating the children they rape and kill?

Cause it is out there, been out there for generations.

Yet half of the American sheep, still slurp up all the bullshit and vote in the pretend elections.

So, how many stories about the perversion does one need?

Been out there for generations!

How many articles, about Israhell running WASSHINGTON DC, does one need?

How many stories of Israhell stealing over 11 million dollars a day from the American worker does one need?

How many articles about Israhell, with collaboration from both parties, white house, every alphabet agency out there, doing the attack on New York 11 September, 2001, does one need to show?

How many articles about the VA fucking in every way they can figure out, the American vet?

If a people, have no honor, but glory in evil, then truth is hated.

Americans hate the truth.

So where does one go from here, if they are not going to join the honor-less, Truth-less Americans?


John C Carleton