The Coming Secession of The Republic of Texas, Occupied, From The Legal Fiction Corporation, WASHINGTON DC/USA

Waco Texas, 1993.
Washington DC/USA, burns children to death in their church, after a siege from a botched illegally contrived raid by BATF on the fundamentalist Christian sect.

First, any contract forced on a soul, by threats or duress, is Null and Void, on its face.

A “constitution” is a contract.

Texas, Republic of, won their freedom from Mexico.

In 1846, The Republic of Texas government cut a deal with the united States, or States united, to become a State of the united States.

Here let me say, the “Republic of Texas” of the 1990s and into the 21st Century somewhat, established with their legal research this union was done illegally.

Basically some shuck and jive was used, not all the Ts crossed, not all the legal Is dotted.

Not my intention to refight that fight.

I except it was done, good bad or ugly.

The problem however arose, when the USA went rogue in 1861.

Texas instead of joining the Confederacy, really wanted to revert back to The Republic of Texas, but as at least half of Texas was still frontier, where if one crossed the line, one’s hair might end up on an Texas Indian’s war lance.

In 1851, my first cousin, Baker Barton, died as a Texas Ranger, in on foot hand to hand fighting with Comanches on the Neuces Strip.

The famous Texas Ranger, Rip Ford, afterwards said this was the most contested Texas/Indian battle in the history of Texas, where both Rangers and Comanches, dismounted, fought to the death, hand to hand.

Even long after the war was over, the fight with the Inions continued.

When my grandfather Carleton was nine years old, 1875, the Indians raided through the Llano, Texas area.
They missed my great-grandfathers home, but the extended family forted up and kept watch all night.

Texas thought, if Texas joined the Confederacy, the Confederacy would help Texas fight the Indians, as USA had done, not very well but better than nothing.

The exact opposite in fact accrued.

Texas troops were sucked into the war East of the Mississippi, with no Confederate troops but Texas home guard, to deal with the Indian problem.

Texas was further drained of troops, when the yankee war criminals invaded Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Troops from these two states, were fighting East of the Mississippi, so when the murdering, thieving foreign war criminals invaded, still more Texas Troops were sucked out of Texas, to defend Louisiana and Arkansas.

My maternal great-great grandfather, Green Berry Baker, was one of these.

13th Regiment, Texas Cavalry.

Saw his nephew, an uncle, his friend all die of malnutrition, exposure to weather, disease in Arkansas, in 1862.

In 1864, he married the widow, of his friend died in Arkansas, in 1862, raised his friends children, along with theirs.

Understand, When The Republic of Texas, joined the union of the States united, or united States, secession was understood to be available to any member of the union.

In fact, during the war of 1812, between the USA/ Britain, Massachusetts/ New England, ship captains, were carrying on profitable smuggling trade with Britain.

In Time of war.

These two self righteous Puritan enclaves of religious fanatics, were against the war, and during Time of War, refused to allow their militaries to help the war effort, to leave their own States, even when the British tried to burn Washington DC.

These two States, During time of war, threatened to secede!

It was an understood right of a State to secede.

The same thing the Southern States, to include Texas, were attacked and invaded for doing, and not in time of war, led by the same two States, which threatened session, forty something years before, their own selves, and in time of war, the chicken shit yankee sons of bitches.

Therefore, when the USA went rogue, by force conquered the Confederacy, the Confederacy ceased to exist, Texas reverted back by default, to the Republic of Texas, occupied, militarily, a war crime, by force.

The supposed reuniting of Texas with the outlaw WASHINGTON DC/USA, through a “new constitution”, and re-admittance to the “UNION”, as a “State”, was done at the point of the occupying militaries weapons, and the hanging rope of a yankee kangaroo court.

So remember Contract Law 101.

Any Contract forced on a soul by deceit, duress, or threatened violence, is Null and Void on it’s face.

So the Republic of Texas, Occupied, is not a State of the UNION, the “government” in Austin is a Vincy occupation “government”, filled with foreigners, spawn of damn yankee carpetbaggers, scalawags, foreigners, who’s ancestors or they themselves, have forced their presence on the Republic of Texas, under the umbrella of the protection and strong armed tactics of the occupying military and police forces.

Any one came in after the surrender 1865, did not legally enter the Republic of Texas.
Therefore their spawn, born on Texas soil or not, are not legal Republic of Texas souls.

The Republic of Texas, is not a corporation, as is the UNITED STATES, United States, USA/WASHINGTON DC,. whichever tern one choses to apply, because they are all the same corporation, for profit, incorporated under British Empire Law.

The “State” “governments”, Unser the USA, are sub corporations, of the USA corporation.

County “governments”, are sub corporations, of the “state” sub corporations.

Incorporated “Cities”, are sub corporations of the sub corporation county “government”, which are sub corporations of the sub corporation “Staes” “governments”, which are sub corporations of the sub corporation USA “government”, which is a sub corporation of the British Empire, which is your old drug running, slave running, Usury practicing, Dutch East India Company, which moved it’s headquarters to the Square Mile of THE CITY OF LONDON, not the City of London, the two are quite different entities.

Got that?

So Washington DC/USA, is an international war crime for profit corporation which is occupying the 47 North American Sovereign States, Two Sovereign Republics, and one Sovereign Polynesian Kingdom.

This means, even when the Republic of Texas government, is reconstituted on the basis of the Republic of Texas 1836 Constitution, said Republic, will still be occupied, by a Vincy fake “government”, which is really a foreign corporation.

Now, any one been to war, don’t want to see more killings.

So even though, the Austin damn yankee crowd, are not legitimate, they have armed forces at their disposal, which they can use to terrorize any legitimate Republic of Texas Government formed.

So in order to avoid misunderstandings, needless strifes, it is my thoughts, that first a legal Republic of Texas Government must be re-constituted, based on the 1836 Constitution, by persons with a linage in Texas, before the Surender of 1865, by the Confederacy.

Then an Article of Session will have to be crafted.

As there is no Legitimate North American “Government”, to direct the Articles to, the Article of Secession will have to be addressed to the souls of the world, an international declaration of the reconstitution of the for 153 years and counting, Occupied Republic of Texas.

This is not a process to be entered into lightly, but freedom for ones prodigy, getting real tired of ones true history, ones rights being pissed on by latecomers who ancestors did not have big blazing balls of steel, as yours did, to face and tame a wild land, calls for the prodigy of these men with balls, to have a set of balls, stand up for the futures of their children, grandchildren, just as your Texas ancestors did.

This will have to be well thought out, formulated, no half assed rushing the gates of hell with a bucket of water.

World has enough shit already.

But when the time comes, when the decision is to stand upon against evil, or condemn your prodigy to slavery, under the control of some real vile sons of bitches!
Then, if one is truly a man with a soul, one has to find the balls to make that stand.

The time, along with visible earth changes, and the four horsemen, draw near.

John C Carleton

Republic of Texas,
January, 2019.