A Family Affair!

There is a battle, which has raged through the century’s and generations in my Ancestors lines. A battle against a very old, very disgusting, very despicable, perversion, which Jesus the Christ despised above any other evil, Pedophilia. Baby rapers and murderers. Great-Great type Uncle Richard the Lion Hearted, told the usury Pedophile scum, not to […]

Pedophile Defending Sons of Bitches!

USA/WASHINGTON DC is not now, has never been, will never be, the same as the American souls or America the Land. Anyone who defends, USA/WASHINGTON DC, in any way, is defending Pedophiles! Baby raping murderers who rape, murder, and then sometimes eat the baby they raped and murdered. The same sons of bitches the USA […]

Mike Pompeo, Psychopath

During an interview with BBC Persia, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States will starve millions of Iranians to death if the country’s leadership doesn’t bend to its will. Pompeo said Iran’s “leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat.” This is siege warfare. It is illegal under […]