RothsRat “Journalist”

i trust no establishment “journalist”.
Not the ones partying with the pedophiles of DC, many pedophiles themselves, or the “blacklisted” “journalist”, who have fallen out of favor.

If one goes back in USA history, there is this thing used to start wars way back in the 1800s, herd the American sheep, called “Yellow journalism”.
Journalist knowingly lying their asses off in the news media of the day, newspapers.

“Blacklisting” a “journalist” is good cover for feeding the sheep propaganda, and having them willingly embrace it.

My first check, is if they have come out and said, ISRAHELL did the ATTACK on AMERICA, 11 SEPTEMBER, 2001.
If they have not, they either are idiots, or are working for the man, no matter what anyone says about them, including themselves.
That simple.

Any politician, any journalist, any sheep, who will not willingly, and loudly proclaim the established fact, Isarhell and WASHINGTON DC/USA, did the dastardly, cowardly, terrorist attack on America, murdering at least 3,000 souls, is working for the evil dark side, the zionist, the RothsRats.
Simple as that.

Fuck the RothsRats!
Fuck the RothsRat’s whores!

i am an American!

John C Carleton