You Just Can Not Make This zionist Shit Up!

You just can not make this zionist shit up!

Only the pedophilic, zionist virus eaten minds of the Russian Expats, Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s in the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land, could make this zionist pig shit up

Or their Evangelical/Puritan “christian” cousins.

“Israel will do utmost to prevent such incidents like the downing of a Russian Il-20 plane near Syria from happening again, Yacov Livne, the director of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Euro-Asia Department, said on Monday.

“It was a tragic event. We all regret this. Netanyahu talked about this the day after. Everyone knows that these were Syrian missiles that shot down the plane and because of which the Russian crew had been killed. We treat it as a tragedy. We created a mechanism for military interaction so that such tragedies did not occur. But unfortunately, no one is insured … In the future, it is important to do everything so that such tragedies do not recur. We will do everything we can for this,” Livne told reporters.”

i would not be surprised to hear them claiming they were hiding behind the Russian plane cause they like the smell of burnt Russian aviation fuel.

Gives them a hard on!

Pity the poor palestinian boys locked up in Israhell jails when them Russia aroma aroused Turkmen/slavic flyboys come sailing back from murdering innocent people, in the murdered own lands!

Enough of this shit.

Time for an expulsion of the occupiers from the Semitic Palestinians Lands.

Ship em all back to Ukraine/Russian Steppes from which they originated.

Let em pick sides, thereby choosing which place to ship em to, with an AK-47.

John C Carleton