UK TO INTRODUCE U.N. RESOLUTION TO END YEMEN WAR; POMPEO SAYS IRAN RESPONSIBLE FOR FAMINE-The Last America Vagabond -Practice Using ‘Zionist Speak Translation Rule #1!’

Use my zionistspeak translation tool to flip everything you read, the true meaning, 180 degrees.

Like when the former head of the international criminal organization, the CIA, says Iran starved these people, it means the RothsRats ordered it done, so Israhell, Saudi, USA, with as much help as Putin can give, keeping those who RothsRatland attack, from attacking back.

Just flip everything 180!

You will get with practice, you can translate it in your brain as their drivel is coming out of their mouths.

Zionist Speak Translation Rule #1!

John C Carleton

UK To Introduce U.N. Resolution To End Yemen War; Pompeo Says Iran Responsible For Famine