The time Has Come To Settle The Occupied Palestinian and The Ukrainian zionist Affairs

Enough of this micky mouse shit!

The Big Lizard comes from an “administrative”, managing, sheep, countries and empires background.

You believe in reincarnation, been there, done that.

All you sheep waiting for Jesus the Christ, who you helped the Romans murder, to be forced to come back, save your sorry asse’s from your own actions, thereby placing an individuals ways down to DNA, genes from to mating pair, well, i got way more than my share in those departments.

So let me tell you how to un fuck this zionist cluster fuck.

Palestinians, don’t want the Turkmen/slavic half breed reject outcaste from the steppes of Russia and Ukraine, expat Russians, murdering their asses, raping/murdering their children, Holocausing the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian people, in the Semitic Palestinian’s own Home Land, then stealing everything of value to include the Semitic Palestinians Ancestral Lands.

The Ukrainians got way to many Turkmen/slavic half breeds, mixed with raving Nazis, whored out political prostitutes of all calibers and nationalities.
This could be unfucked, but would take at least a generation or two, at the hands of a dictator, who did not mind some wholesale geocoding.

Now, you who understand reincarnation, i am not trying to play the innocent victim here.
Been there done that.
Not a pretty sight.

One learns with ones progressions.

So here is todays Statesmanship gem of wisdom.

Ship all the Turkmen/slavic occupiers and Holocausters in Palestine to Ukraine.

Give all sides more weapons, artillery, bombs, ammo.

The get the hell out!

Russia gave birth to these scum, has been their mother for untold generations, polluted the world with their gentuza.

Russia’s problem!

Fuck em!

Now Palestine is back in hands of the Palestinians, who you arm to the teeth.
Confiscated Usury wealth would be used to pay repatriations and rebuild Palestine.

Arm the Saudi civilians to the teeth.

Stand back and watch the “royal” fox hunt!
Nothing like generations of getting fucked up the ass by one evil family to give the Arabian people innovative ideas of how to return these tormenters to the waiting arms of Allah.

With the whore of Babylon, (RothsRatland, Israhell if you prefer), off their backs like an evil monkey, Iran will in Statesmanship fashion, calm the stormy waters of the Middle East, Assume their rightful place as the recognized political and cultural power in the Middle East, and slowly bring peace to a land which has has foreign footprints all over it for over a thousand years.

OK, i have given the plan to keep Russia busy, so they don’t go USSR on the world again, using the Usury ones in Ukraine to keep them busy trying to hold on to power in Moscow, rather than trying to conquer the world.

Got the Middle East on the way to a simmering stew, instead of a boiling zionist witches cauldron of slaughters and rapes.

Save the rest of the world for another day.

John C Carleton.