Free Palestine! A New Series on Zionist Oppression-YouTube

USA is not my “government”, and the baby raping whores of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, are not my “leaders.

There is some good information here, but there is a well paid effort to blame all the evil on the Israhell “Jews”, and take the responsibility off the “jews” in America, for what they have whole heartily supported.

A woman went to school with my wife, a “jew” who’s father was a lifer in the US Army, “Jew” came from the mothers side, i warned she should distance herself from Israhell, because things were going to come out about Israhell which would turn Americans against the little crime cabal.

She agreed with me.

Then trump fucked America, moved the USA embassy to Jerusalem, and this woman had an orgasm all over face book.

Saw other “Jews” i knew personally, considered them Americans, until they showed me their “Jew” asses, just loving Trump and Israhell to death when the USA embassy was moved to Jerusalem.

Had a second in command at a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp, an “USA” “Jew” argue with me defensibly, America made Israhell murder those thirty something sailors and marines on the USS Liberty, while Israhell was trying to sink it.

American “jews” are guilty as hell of the shit in occupied

It would seem, the “USA Jews”, have seen the handwriting on the wall, and they are trying to cover their crimes against America, and their treasonous asses, before the American Sheep herd become aware the burning sensation up their asses is the International Jews pedophilic dick!

They guilty as hell in helping use America for the bitch of Israhell.

“But then so are the zionist, (puritan, evangelical) Christians”.

John C Carleton