Reply on Discus, to someone taking me to task for saying Facebook means nothing politically anyway.

These men showed up for something they believed in!

Not calling people idiots for using it for entertainment and communication with real flesh and blood “friends”, they might have actually met during their lifetime,
BUT, having been part of the Southern Heritage organizations, and having been encouraged to create/use the account i made for political purposes.

Watching other people do the same, seeing what they put out on that and other political problems, i came to some conclusions backed by personal experience and watching things.

i would personally have people i knew, wife knew socially, tell me Hell Yeah on what i was putting out on Facebook, BUT, they would not hit the like on any of it, because some of their political correct Facebook friends might see them liking something not politically correct.

Now, if someone is such a big coward, they will not even like on Facebook, something they profess to believe in, they certainly are not going to be standing next to you in formation for anything but breakfast.

Personal experiences again.
“Conservative” Republicans.
Trump people.
Post pro trump crap on Facebook, all the time.
When you point out, they like trump cause he is “going to protect their gun rights”, and he appointed a not supreme court judge, who never met a gun he did not want to ban, supported the Anti-American Patriot act, among other things, they do not get pissed at Trump for lying to them, they get mad at you for pointing out they are believing two things which can not exist together, such as Trump is pro gun, and is there to protect your gun rights, AND, he appoints a anti-gunner to the supreme court, who will vote to take away their gun “rights”.

But i will say again, Politically, face book is used as a valve, to allow people not happy with Washington, to let steam off, and think they are doing something constructive or patriotic.

i still throw things out on Facebook, Hard HITTING SHIT, and all these “Patriotic Americans”, ain’t about to like shit which is really truthful, but controversial.

There is a very small hand full who will like some of it, some of the time, but again, for most of these Anti-Washington crowd, anti-left people, being conservative is like most “christians” and their religion.
They are praying to the lord feverishly, singing loudly, being “EXTREMELY” holy on Sunday morning.
For most, that is the last time they will worry about what “god” said not to do, or to do, until next Sunday morning.

Jesus the Christ had a following until being a follower of the Christ, meant personal danger.

Hell, some who had been cheering him, showed up to jeer at him, as he was dying!

George Washington was cheered, called a brilliant warrior by the AMERICAN SHEEP, when he won a battle, and cursed as a fool when he lost one.

Now, if they can not even face the truth, they sure as hell are not going to face arrest, or death, standing up against the evil of Washington DC/USA!

And that kind of cowardly, politically correct dumb asses, is not the kind of people i would want on my side of a fight anyway.
They would sell you out, run home and hide under their beds!

Again, i have no problem with using FB for communication with real friends/family for entertainment.

But i will say again, Politically, face book is used as a valve, to allow people not happy with Washington, to let steam off, and think they are doing something constructive or patriotic.

If the truth be “extreme”, i am very Extreme, and both uncompromising, and unapologetic, for my extremeness in support of truth, and the American way!

That was not the USA way, by the way!

What ever happens in America, face book will not change any of it, one way or the other.


i would rather have one man, who i know will have my back, even if it cost him his life, knowing i will do the same for him, than a thousand face book friends, most who would not show up in the first place for a real anti USA Slavery event, and most who would run the first time an armed bunch from the “authorities” showed up.

It was about three percent of Americans, made the American Revolution happen, the rest went about their lives, hid under their beds and tried to stay out of the way of both sides.

It will be the same this time, it always is!

John C Carleton