US-Backed Militias Arrest Almost 300 Civilians in Northeastern Syria-Fars News

So the paid criminals, the USA and Israhell, sent to “save the Syrian people from the Syrian government”, are arresting the Syrians, because they prefer the Syrian government, to a bunch of paid baby raping, kidnapping young girls and selling into sex slavery, foreigners?

Just sort of dumps all that hot air out of the sails of WASHINGTON DC/USA’s ship of war against Assad and Syria don’t it!

This is what the USA gets for purposely dumbing down the American people for generations!

They can’t even murder the Head of State, of a small middle Eastern country, and steal it’s Lands for the greater Israhell project, without dragging it out five years and screwing it up Royally!

USA has no business in Syria anyway, but DAMN, if you going to do something, by god do it right

Seems like, SOME ONE, in the Evil Clown Town of DC, would realize the party is over!

John C Carleton

US-Backed Militias Arrest Almost 300 Civilians in Northeastern Syria’

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) broke into residential units in several villages in Raqqa province on Tuesday and arrested a sum of 270 villagers, accusing them of cooperating with the Syrian Army.
The SDF stormed the villages of al-Ansar, Ajaj, al-Royan, al-Rashid, al-Andalos, al-Hayef, Khat al-Naniyeh, al-Rabi’eh, al-Salbiyeh and al-Sweidiyeh Saqireh, arresting over 270 villagers under different accusations, including cooperating with the Syrian Army or with the ISIL.

In the meantime, the SDF has extended curfew in the region.

Other units of the SDF arrested a number of young people in the town of Ein Issa and its countryside in Northern Raqqa under a forced recruitment plan.

The SDF’s measures, especially arresting civilians, have fueled tension between them and people in Eastern Syria.

On Monday, the SDF forwarded a long military column to Raqqa city to intensify arrest of civilians in al-Romeileh neighborhood in Raqqa city.

In the meantime, local sources reported that the SDF declared curfew across Raqqa province, including the town of Tabaqa, arresting people who once demonstrated against the SDF’s rule.

The SDF, meanwhile, arrested a number of civilians in the village of Hanideh in Southwestern Raqqa accusing them of printing graffiti on the walls against the SDF.

Other units of the SDF captured almost twenty civilians in a refugee camp in Western Raqqa on similar accusations.