Phone Conversations With The CIA

i don’t even remember, maybe back in 2006, i was given a phone number by my daughter to contact.

Now, i am one of those guys, and gals, the USA/WASHINGTON DC, upheld a time honored tradition of the USA, of experimenting on their own troops.

Hell, the Nazi’s the West likes to use as evil itself, and a boogie man, did not experiment on their own troops.

But the USA has done so, time after time after time.

And they have lied about it, time after time after time.

Any interested in what caused the so called Gulf War Illness, there is an older book, can be had for a little of nothing used, on Amazon. i will post a link.

Anyway, USA having screwed me real hard, they knew it, i knew, it.
They also screwed me again on a Malaria type disease, mosquito carried illness, i caught in Australia on a joint military exercise.

So they figured i hated them enough, they could get me in involved in one of their false flag scams.
Being a weapons guy, i always figured i was supposed to end up a dead “mass shooter” body somewhere at one of their false flag mass shootings.

When the CIA started dogging me, i was, and had been fighting the fucking up the ass, the Veterans administration, just loves to do to American Veterans of Foreign Wars, for a while.

Daughter was working at USAA, which i figured is owned by either the Pentagon or the CIA, in fact, perhaps not on paper.

Daughter was taking calls from people with problems with their insurance policies.

One day, she gets a call, from “Bill”, from Kentucky, a “retired Vet Nam era Army officer”, who didn’t want to talk insurance, as much as he did politics, her fathers brand of politics.

Now, in that position, at USAA, one is supposed to get the call done, move on to the next one, and carrying on long conversations, is frowned upon, but he was a customer, and she could not be rude.

Finally in desperation, she said, my father is who you should talk with on these things, which was the object of the call to begin with, and he thought that was a great idea.

Call it intuition, call it a warning from my ancestors, form the Light, or just because i am a curly ole wolf, been there, done that, and a no longer a virgin, on damn need anything by this life.
i knew what it was when she explained the way things went down.

Called him, he tried to recruit me for years, finally in desperation asking me, “Don’t you want some pay back?”

Did not hear from him for years, then i was hitting the pedophile cow, Hillary, on the web, hard, during the make believe elections.

i do not encourage them by voting in their validation of their right to rule you elections.
But Hillary, was too huge an embarrassment, way to evil, way too nuts, ran her mouth saying stuff she should not, America just did not need people looking at that cackling witch, thinking America.

Way i had it figure, Pentagon was backing Trump, CIA was backing Clinton, and the FBI, could not decide which side they wanted to back, so they tried to straddle the fence.

Their masters, the owners of the USA corporation, not only allows infighting amongst their minions, they enjoy and encourage it.

Makes a good side show for the sheep, and the jackals always enjoys others fighting each other.

Anyway, he called out of the blue, trying to convince my there was a Russian with an AK-47 behind every tree in America!

Did not hear from him again, till he called twice the other day.

Vaguely curious what they were up to now, i called back.

Had a several hour talk with my CIA case officer.

He tried to lead into my thoughts, on Trump, Putin, Nitwityahoo, Israhell, by saying i brought up, Russia, the USA, and Israhell, playing a three way game, all collaborating behind the curtain, one time when we talked.
Which i never did, in a conversation with him.

At the same time, he tried to play ignorant to anything i had done or said on the web.

But the only way he would know i held that position, is to have read it on the web, or some one else read it on the web, and passed it along in the report.

Anyway, he wanted to pick my brains on some things he did not understand from my writing, and made one last try to get me to bite the hook.

Tried using ego, saying if a person like me, got a lot of the sheep following me, i could straighten up Washington.

i assured him, Washington DC/USA, was evil, had always been evil, would always be evil.

He wanted to go down the Constitutional “fixing”, path.

i assured him, the shit hole slave state, America has become, was not an accident, and the “constitution” made it possible, and that was the reason it was forced on the men fought the British for freedom, without them having a damn thing to say about it.

Reminded him, i live on the face of the Land, inside the legal fiction lines, of the Republic of Texas, occupied by WASHINGTON DC/USA, for 152 years and counting, a foreign for profit international corporation.

i further reminded him, the so called Texas State Constitution, was null and void, because it was written, and passed, at the point of the rifles of the occupying USA Military Troops, and the threat of a hanging rope.

i Further reminded him, the republic, was still occupied.

i explained to him, the sheep are sheep, because they are cowards, and want to be sheep.

The Jackals, are jackals, because they want to be blood sucking, back stabbing scavengers.

Told him, in my opinion, Americans for the most part, did not even understand the meaning of freedom.
If one magically returned freedom to them, instead of embracing the duties of freedom, they would use the word, to rape, rob, and murder.
When they got tired of raping, robbing and murdering, they would trade that freedom, for a warm piece of ass, and a cold six-pack.
Therefore, Eduction in reality, is what Americans need, not a damn war, in which they did not even understand what the hell they were fighting for.

Fk em both!

Explained, i do my duty, because it is my duty, and for my personal illumination and spiritual growth.

He brought up Jesus the Christ, and if he had handled the crowds differently, he might of “won”.

i assured him, Jesus the Christ DID win.
He came.
He did his duty.
He did not sell out!
The sorry child raping, last Mite from the widow with Usury stealing scum who murdered him lost!
They lost the opportunity he gave them, to stand up, repent, and be decent human beings.
He grew spiritually, and in illumination, and they became further mired in the darkness, and their perverse controlling lusts.

He could not understand my reasoning.
To him, this world, how much you can steal, how many you can kill and get away with, the perverse power, makes you the winner.

i assured him, as i can connect myself former to now, thirteen lives, including this one.
learned many things from the mistakes of those lives.

Made it plain, the head of the wolf pack, not only had to worry about feeding the pack, watering the pack, defending the pack, finding new territory for the pack, finding a sleeping den for the pack.

At the same damn time, the pack leader is taking care of their asses, he has to watch his back, to keep others of his own pack, from ganging up and killing him, so one of them can be the new pack leader.

i told him Fk the pack!
The ole curly wolf living up in the woods, only killed what he had to to survive, and never for pleasure, was a much happier, and probably a much longer living wolf.

At this point, he hung up on me and would not answer, when i called him, back, which was just being courteous, as a Southern Gentleman should be.

Told the wife the other day, one of my cousins, was famous for blue words, said:
“A gentalman, should be able to curse non stop, for three minuets, and never repeat himself.”

There are just some things a gentleman must do!

John C Carleton