The Confederate, Trans-Mississippi Naval Jack, Is the Flag, of the American Scotts-Irish.

Being a Texican boy, i am aware of a war, fought during 1861-1865, a whole lot of Southern boys are not.

When the USA/WASHINGTON DC yankee war criminals, captured Vicksburg, the evil bastards, cut the Confederacy in two.

The pedophile yankee criminals, controlled the Mississippi, and getting back and forth between East CSA, East of the Mississippi, and West CSA, West of the Mississippi, for more than a handful of people at a time, came to a screeching halt.

Texas, did not want to go with the confederacy, Texas, wanted to revert back to a Republic on it’s own again, but thought the Confederacy would help them with their Indian fighting, and Mexican bandits.

What happened is, the East drew troops from the Western states, for the war in the east.
Then when Vicksburg was captured, the war criminals, got around to invading the Western States.

This was Known, as the Confederate Department of the Trans-Mississippi.

Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma Indian Territory, and the Arizona Territory, made up the Trans-Mississippi.

Now, they were own their own.

When historians, even people from these states, study the Confederacy, they look at Lee, Jackson, some others.
The battles fought, east of the Mississippi. Until recently, very few were digging or recording the history of the Western War, and people.

The Confederate Naval Jack, is the flag most associated with the Confederacy. It itself, was taken from the Battle Flag of Virginia, which is square, not rectangular.

Now, in Texas, there was this general.

The accepted story is, he contracted with some Cubans, to produce flags for the Western States, and when he got the flags from Cuba, the Cubans, had screwed up, reverse the blue and red colors.

The blue cross was now red, and the red field, was now blue. The stars and outline of the cross, stayed white.

The accepted story is, hey, we were hard up, we had them, we used them.

You will find many battle flags used West of the Mississippi, are reversed colors, Trans-mississippi flags.

But i have also discovered, individual commands, and units, East of the Mississippi, who’s wives sewed their battle flags, also had reversed colors.
So there was a disagreement which way the colors should be.

That all sounded reasonable, until one day, i looked at the Irish flag of St. Patrick’s, and the Scotts flag, of St. Andrew, and this light went off in my head.

I had a damn good laugh.

i have no doubt, the Battle flag of Virginia, has the same source of inspiration, the Irish St. Patrick’s flag, and the Scotts St. Andrew’s flag.

Just those gentile Ladies of Richmond, thought a red field, looked better with their husbands uniforms, (and lets face it, a husband is just another accessory when big girls play dress up), and threatened a mutiny of wifely duties if they did not get their way!

But the good General in Texas, did not have the problem of a wife in Virginia.

The Cubans, did not screw up.
The good General, not caring all that much for Richmond Regulations, combined the two flags of the heritage, of the Scotts-irish Southerners.

And as the good Southern Scotts-Irish were want to do, as good Texicans, including the Texicans of Mexican ancestry, who did not give a damn what Mexico City thought back in 1836, who did not give a damn what Washington DC thought in 1860, who’s families again fought bravely for Texas, were want to do, did what the hell they wanted to, at their level.

General covered his ass, and blamed it on the Cubans, who did not care one way or the other, having been paid, and not having a dog in the hunt.

Thats how the Trans-Mississippi flag came into being.
Local folks giving the central authority the middle finger, (politely), as good Southerners are apt to do!

Got my Scotts-Irish Flag Flying at the Kingdom of Carleton right now.

John C Carleton.