Palestinians on high alert as Israhell prepares to hand over East Jerusalem Nature Preserve and Muslim Cemetery to illegal settlers- Mondoweiss

The main bunch of invaders are Slavic/Turkmen half breeds, from the Steppes of Russia, and their descendants.

They are Holocausting, the Indigenous, Semitic, Palestinian People, in the Palestinians, own Ancestral Home Land.

The Ancestral homeland of these Slavic/Turkmen half breed outcast, rejects, is the Steppes of Russia.

So what you have, is evil criminals, pretending to be Hebrews, (which would make not a damn bit of difference in the evil of their crimes), murdering the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians, while Russia, USA/WASHINGTON DC, NATO, helps the evil pedophiles, Holocaust the Semitic Palestinian People, in the Palestinians own Homeland!

Damn Evil!

If you support Israhell, then younger evil!

John C Carleton