Other Losses-The story, of the USA, Deliberately, Murdering between 1 to 2 million Germans, AFTER WW 2 WAS OVER!-Youtube

To any out there who would claim i hate America, because of what i post.

i post only the truth, and only because America is in my heart and my blood has enriched her soil.

If i did not care about America, i would give all theses head up ass sheep, both middle fingers, and buy me several hundred acres in South America some where, raise goats, fish, ride motorcycles.

Because i give a shit, i stay.

America needs to face her real history, and it is not pretty.

America as a whole, is not the god blessed, righteous knight in shining armor, little American children are indoctrinated with, a picture of, stamped into the tissue of their gray brain matter, itself!

No being what America could have been, and can be still, until Americans face past crimes, current crimes.

Then there is justice to be done, in the name of America and humanity, and restitution, karma, what you have sown, birds coming home to roost!

John C Carleton