Proposed Israhell Law Would Open 60 Percent of Palestinian West Bank To Annexation-The Last America Vagabond

The evil just keeps on creeping, and the American sheep, just keep on sticking their heads up their asses, so they can hide from the Light, Truth, Duty, Rightness!

Many American “christians”, have an sexual organism , every time one of the Slavic/Turkmen buck toothed ones, murder another Semitic Palestinian, in the Indigenous Palestinians own Ancestral home Lands!


The land of the Pedophile,
And the home of the American slave!

Then these ass holes, spit in the face of the light, and ask for blessings for a people, who are some of the most selfish, me first, whats in it for me, cowardly, hypocritical, buggering little children, supporting wars, rumors of wars, war on personal freedom!

“Be not deceived, for God is not mocked, for whatever man sows, that shall he also reap!”

Americans, got a lot of evil to reap!
They sowed, it, and the harvest is coming due!

John C Carleton

Proposed Israeli Law Would Open 60% Of Palestinian West Bank To Annexation